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TPG Adapter (Drop-On) for TPG Parallel Guide System

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  • As the name indicates, these TPG Drop-On Adapters can be calibrated and simply placed right into Festool and Kreg guide rail t-slots, making for rapid parallel guide setup!
  • Work faster with our TPG Drop-On Adapter and its tool-free guide rail attachment feature. Just place it on your guide rail and get to work! Compatible with Festool and Kreg guide rails.
  • TPG Adapters shown with TPG-20 Parallel Guide System Set. Knobs included with TPG Set (not included with standalone TPG Adapter).
  • This image shows the difference between the TPG Drop-On and Slide-On Adapters.
  • Three different connection options for the TSO Parallel Guide System.
  • For parallel AND square cuts, you can substitute a Guide Rail Square for a TPG Adapter!


Fits Festool and Kreg ACS guide rails only. Please see our Slide-On TPG Adapter if you have a different brand of guide rail.

Quick Tool-Free Drop-on Attachment for Your TSO Parallel Guide System

Designed to connect our TPG Sets to Festool or Kreg guide rails. The Drop-On TPG Adapter performs the same function as our  Slide-On TPG Adapter, but adds a quick, tool-free, "drop-on" attachment method.

Combine two Drop-On TPG Adapters (sold separately) with any of our TPG Sets to complete your TSO Parallel Guide System.

Key Features

  • Complete Your TSO Parallel Guide System: The Drop-On TPG Adapter connects using the M6 Comfort Grip Star Knobs and CNC-Machined Centering Spacers included with a TPG-20, TPG-30 or TPG-30/50 Set (sold separately).
  • Won’t Interfere with Plunge Cuts: This adapter will not interfere with track saw plunge cuts and easily moves along the guide rail once attached.
  • Quick Drop-on Attachment: When placed on your guide rail, the Drop-On TPG Adapter can be fine-tuned by adjusting the two "zero clearance adjustment" screws to eliminate unwanted play; this procedure only has to be performed during first use.
  • Permanent Attachment: Can be permanently secured to your guide rail with the included torpedo nut and top-mounted M5 flathead screws.
  • Perfectly Parallel and Square: To complete your TSO Parallel Guide System, you can replace Drop-on TPG Adapters with a compatible TSO Guide Rail Square for making perfectly square cuts.

Initial Setup for Quick Use

  1. Remove nutplate. Uninstall the nutplate by removing the two flathead screws at the top of the Drop-On TPG Adapter body, and set aside.
  2. Drop it in. Place the Drop-On TPG Adapter anywhere along the guide rail T-slot (in lieu of sliding it in).
  3. Adjust zero clearance screws. With the Drop-On TPG Adapter head dropped over the guide rail T-slot, use a 3mm Hex Driver (included in the TPG-20, TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Sets) to turn the two "zero clearance adjustment" screws clockwise until they lightly touch the guide rail.
  4. Fine tuning. Carefully back off the adjustment screws just enough that you can lift and replace the Drop-On TPG Adapter, but not so much that you have play between the adapter and guide rail. You should not have to repeat this adjustment procedure for subsequent use on Festool guide rails of the same profile; the adjustment screws feature thread locking compound to prevent unintended movement over time under normal use.

Setup for Permanent Attachment

While most users find it convenient to simply place and remove the parallel guides using the “drop-on” capability, there may be times when you desire a rigid attachment to your guide rail.

  1. Loosen nutplate. Loosen the nutplate by partially unscrewing the two flathead screws at the top of the Drop-On TPG Adapter body.
  2. Slide it in. Slide the Drop-On TPG Adapter from either end of your guide rail to the desired position.
  3. Lock in place. Fully secure the two flathead screws on the top of the Drop-On TPG Adapter.

What's Included

  • 1 qty. Drop-On TPG Adapter

What's NOT Included

Previous versions of our TPG Adapters included Comfort Grip Knobs and Centering Spacers, along with a 3mm Ball-Hex Driver. These accessories are now included in the TPG-20, TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Sets, and no longer included with each TPG Adapter.

Support Documentation

How to Build Your TSO Parallel Guide System

  • STEP 1: Select a TPG Set based on maximum rip cut width
  • STEP 2: Select a method of attachment compatible with your guide rail. Sold separately. Buy any two.

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28 Reviews

  • 5
    Quality, value and accuracy are truly impeccable

    Posted by Stacy Spain on 25th Jan 2024

    Quality, value and accuracy are truly impeccable

  • 5
    TSO Drop-On Adapter

    Posted by Doug on 23rd Dec 2023

    These are the best guide rail connectors. I've used several other popular brands and these connectors are the best. They address 3 important elements: 1) they connect to the guide rail very firmly without any movement, 2) they square the guide to the track at a perfect 90*, 3) they can be slide onto the track or dropped onto the track making them easy to install. The guide rail system is only as good as its connector to the track and these are the best.

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Alan on 16th Dec 2023

    Precision, and quality equipment

  • 5
    Such an intelligent design

    Posted by Sargon Tavour on 11th Dec 2023

    These adapters makes it a breeze to connect and remove the parallel guides from Festool guide rails. I initially got a set with my 30" parallel guides. I liked them so much that I bought another set for my 20 parallel guides.

  • 5
    Quick and tight

    Posted by Kenny on 28th Nov 2023

    Fit my Festool track perfectly. I’m using in the drop on configuration and they seem to stay tight and true, while allowing me to pop them off when done. Love them!

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