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Our company solves the user challenges other woodworking manufacturers skip over. We listen to woodworkers and the TSO user community to bring innovative accessories to the market. Our goal: make the products you use every day even better, more reliable, more accurate, and more of a pleasure to use. We design our own products and partner with fellow manufacturers to sell their premium equipment. Shop our expansive collection to find the woodworking equipment you need to safely craft great items. In the collection below, shop for tooling created by top brands such as UJK Technologies, Axminster, Sjobergs, and TSO Products. Stock up on equipment such as clamps, speed knobs, guide rail extensions, and more.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our woodworking accessories. We have the information you need as engineers, manufacturers, and distributors of our woodworking product.

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    TSO Waffle Beanie

    TSO Waffle Beanie

    Stay cozy with this luxurious black waffle beanie cap, emblazoned with the TSO logo. Perfect for working in your shop in the colder winter months! What's Included in the Box 1 qty. TSO Waffle Beanie Cap, 100% cotton Got a suggestion to make this...

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    TSO Products Branded Tumbler

    TSO Polar Camel Tumbler

    Introducing our own custom branded TSO Products Polar Camel Tumbler.     20 ounce Polar Camel Tumblers are engineered with double wall, vacuum insulated construction to provide superior heat and cold retention. The blue powder coated...

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