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  • FastCap Long Nose Marker

    FastCap Long Nose Marker

    The Long Nose Pattern Marker solves all your tricky layout problems. It has a 1-1/8" long fine point tip for marking inside holes and along walls while the other end has a wide tip for general use...

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  • Kaizen Hot Knife

    Kaizen Hot Knife

    The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife allows you to easily smooth the bottom of your cut out, no longer do you have to deal with any uneven bottoms. Simply turn the dial on the thermostat in between the two...

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  • Kaizen Knife

    Kaizen Knife

      The Kaizen Knife's unique design works great for cutting Kaizen Foam and Kaizen Foam Frame, and it includes a box cutter for tape and plastic. Now you will never be without a sharp knife...

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