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FlipStop v2.0 for TPG Parallel Guide System

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  • TPG FlipStop v2.0 FlipStop with Calibration Memory, for use with TPG T-tracks.
  • TPG FlipStop v2.0 shown on TPG-30 T-track (sold separately).
  • TPG FlipStop v2.0 in exploded view.


The TPG FlipStop v2.0 has always been field-reversible, but you can now order them pre-configured for right- or left-hand orientation. (If you’re not sure if you need a right- or left-handed FlipStop, refer to this image.)

When it comes to repeatable accuracy, a well-designed T-track FlipStop might just be the most important single component in your jig, fixture or fence—which is why we have obsessed over perfecting it. The result is our TPG FlipStop v2.0, embodying the quality and capability of the entire TPG System with an attention to detail you won't find in any other material stop on the market.

While our TPG Sets include a FlipStop for every T-track, additional FlipStops can be added and permanently left installed—especially convenient if you find yourself making the same two or three rips frequently.

Key features of the TPG FlipStop v2.0
Watch this video to see what sets the TPG FlipStop v2.0 apart from the competition.
  • Exclusive Calibration Memory™ collar eliminates the need to re-calibrate the FlipStop when switching between Standard and Narrow Stock Rods
  • The fastest-to-calibrate on the market: watch this video to see how easy it is
  • Parallax free cursor makes it easy to read T-track dimension and dial in your exact setting
  • Comfort Grip Star Knobs for quick lock and release, even with gloves on
  • Internal spring loading against TPG T-track means that even when the FlipStop knob is loosened, you won't accidently move it along the T-track as you turn the Star Knob to lock in a setting—a common problem with lesser material stops

A Closer Look at TPG FlipStop v2.0: Another TSO Gamechanger

Material stops are often an afterthought—but why? They’re the part of the system you interact with the most, and critical at setting and maintaining accurate cuts. See what sets the TPG FlipStop v2.0 apart in the video below:

Since we made the animation above, we've updated the TPG FlipStop v2.0 with an even larger calibration rod face and all adjustments can now be made using a single 3mm hex driver. Refer to the product image at the top of the page for the most accurate depiction of the current FlipStop v2.0.

What's Included in the Box

  • 1 qty. TPG FlipStop v2.0
  • 1 qty. Standard Calibration Rod
  • 1 qty. Calibration Memory Collar

Tips for Using the TPG FlipStop

Watch the video below for some helpful tips on using (and particularly, sighting and setting) the TPG FlipStop for extremely accurate cuts.

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Warranty & Returns

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Flip stop v2.0

    Posted by Chuck Davis on 2nd Feb 2024

    Excellent product . Very accurate and consistent best in the business

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Terry Thillemann on 18th Dec 2023

    I love the TSO Parallel Guides! My only complaint is these recent TSO products are a deep dark Blue than my originals like the picture but these tools were meant for work not a beauty pageant! LOL

  • 3
    They are okay

    Posted by Nick on 23rd Mar 2023

    The flipstop itself seems to be well made and generally works well, However, the indicator, which is supposed to eliminate parallax, is truly frustrating and unintuitive to use. I feel like I have to rewatch their video every time I go to use it and in that case, that's just bad design. A simple pointer with a sharp point or a thin line across a clear plastic/glass pane would've been much, much easier to use and just as accurate. Reinventing the wheel here was not a smart choice. Beyond that, I also find that as I tighten this down, it tends to move just a little bit. If I'm not paying attention, that means that my cut is just a little off. There's also just a little deflection in the flip stop, which makes calibration (and use) a little bit inconsistent.

  • 5
    FlipStop V2.0

    Posted by Joey T on 15th Feb 2023

    After calibrating the FlipStops on the short rails, easily move them between the medium and long rails for cutting different-length components without losing calibration. I purchased a second set so I can setup the long rods for cutting narrow-width components. Now I should never have to calibrate them again, as long as the saw stays true!!!

  • 4
    Very high quality product, with one downfall in my opinion

    Posted by Jack Lewis on 21st Jul 2021

    These stops for the parallel guides are incredibly high quality. The machining, precision and finish is excellent. You can get extremely accurate cuts with them. However, there is one thing in the design I consider a huge downside. They can be tricky to calibrate if you are looking for sub-millimeter accuracy, because there is no micro-adjust feature. I suppose it would be difficult to have that as well as narrow rip functionality, but I have a table saw for narrow rips so I will never use that feature. If it did have micro-adjust, I would consider it near-perfect. The video guide suggests you can calibrate the stops by referencing the splinter guard on your track, I found that to be inadequate since my track splinter guard is not in perfect shape. My method for calibrating is this: install both rails on a track using TPG guide rail adapters, and adjust both stops as precisely as you can to some arbitrary length, say 500mm. I reference my marks so that the zero-parallax marker just barely obscures the tick mark (while still completely obscuring it), when viewed vertically on the side towards the track, but you could do it either way as long as you're consistent. Make a cut on a scrap piece. Remove the track from the workpiece. Using a very accurate ruler (I use the rulers from the parf guide), measure the actual length of the cut for each side, and mark it on each side. Then, put the track back on in the same orientation, pull the stops tight against the reference edge, and clamp the track firmly down to the workpiece, using guide rail clamps on both sides. Next, undo the calibration screws and the stop collar screws, and adjust the flip stop, to the observed cut length for that side. If the cut was 499mm, move the flip stop to 499mm. Then, press the calibration rod firmly into the reference edge and tighten the screw, and then tighten collar screw while firmly pressing it against the flip stop. Note that there are two orientations the collar can be, one will slightly pull the collar into the flip stop, and the other will pull it away, creating a gap. You have to experiment to find which is which, but you want collar to press into the flip stop when you tighten the screw. Now, you can repeat that entire process until you achieve the accuracy you're trying for. I had to do this process 4 or 5 times until I got both flip stops calibrated to about 1/3mm.

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