Check out our full range of high quality, innovative woodworking tools below. All TSO brand products are designed and manufactured with pride in Minnesota. We also partner with and resell products from other manufacturers whose offerings complement our own.

GRS-16 Guide Rail Squares
Our GRS-16 family of guide rail squares are the original, patented, best-selling guide rail squares on the market today.

Guide Rail Squares

There's simply no better way to quickly square your Festool, Kreg, Makita, or Triton track saws for accurate 90 degree cuts. Our original, patented, one-piece design requires zero calibration—just slide it onto your guide rail, clamp it down using our custom draw latch, and you're ready to get to work.

Engineered for maximum accuracy and ease of use, the GRS-16 and GRS-16 PE are precision CNC machined from a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized for a non-marring, high durability finish. The high-strength draw latch is built from stainless steel to resist rust and pitting over time. Despite its high clamping strength, a comfort coating on the latch handle makes it easy to generate the leverage necessary to engage, release or reposition the square along your length of track.

We design our products for interoperability. You can use a GRS-16 with our TPG Parallel Guide System to serve as a connection point, for example.

TPG Parallel Guide System
Our TPG Parallel Guide System is the most capable and accurate system of its kind.

Parallel Guide System

Upgrade from the tape-measure-and-marking routine to a best-in-class system that will increase the speed, accuracy and quality of your work. The TPG Parallel Guide System utilizes two precision extruded T-tracks attached perpendicular to your guide rail with two precisely machined FlipStops which engage the edge of your workpiece parallel to your guide rail's cutting line—resulting in accurate and perfectly repeatable rip cuts. The TSO TPG Parallel Guide System is compatible with any length of Festool, Kreg, Makita, and Powertec brand guide rails.

Like all parallel guides, the TPG System provides for repeatable rips—but it has a few distinct qualities you’ll only find from a TSO Product: one-piece tracks prevents cumbersome assembly; metric and Imperial dual dimensioned tracks; a FlipStop with calibration memory; and the capability to cut very narrow to full 4x8 sheetgoods.

Precision Triangles
Our family of precision woodworking triangles will change the way you work.

Precision Triangles

A fresh, modern take on a woodworking staple gets you better results. Much more than just woodworking triangles, our PTR-18, MTR-18, and MTR-X triangles represent first-of-their-kind tools combining CNC machined accuracy with a wide array of useful accessories to enable countless measurement, marking, clamping, angle measurement and jig scenarios. These unique triangles are designed to complement today's modern 20mm MFT-style worktops by offering a variety of different attachment methods, and can even be connected directly to track saw guide rails for fast and accurate angle cuts. Made to be a "forever tool," our triangles are made from thick precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed to be square to within .001" over their entire length and anodized for a protective and non-marring finish.

Our precision triangles are set apart by their versatility in the shop. Not only do they excel in traditional triangle applications, but they can also solve some unique challenges, such as squaring an elevated guide rail against the MFT/3's back fence.

20mm Bench Dogs
No MFT/3-style top is complete without 20mm bench dogs.

Bench Dogs

A dog for every job: our full range of 20mm bench dogs will solve just about any workholding or positioning challenge you come across. We offer a wide range of bench dogs, available in different lengths and tightness (standard fit for traditional uses and close-fit for when absolute positioning precision is paramount). We're big advocates of chamfering your 20mm worktop—so much so that we created our own "Chamfer Dogs" that lack the traditional bench dog collar and can be very useful in certain situations. We even offer a range of "bench connecting" dogs intended to connect worktops together; great if you're looking to design modular Paulk-style work surfaces.

Our DBF-45 BigFoot Base expands the capability of your Festool Domino DF 500 and DF 700 XL for safe, wide area face mortising.


Solving the user challenges other woodworking manufacturers skip over. We listen to woodworkers and the TSO user community to bring innovative accessories to the market. Our goal: make the products you use every day even better. More reliable. More accurate. More of a pleasure to use.

From our DBF-45 BigFoot Base for Festool Dominos which makes face mortising safer and more accurate, to our GRC-12 Self-Aligning Guide Rail Connectors which eliminate the need to use an expensive straightedge, to our "MFT Aligned" Upgrade Kit for MFT/3 multifunction tables, TSO accessories are built to enhance the capability of your favorite tools and eliminate compromises.

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