Whether in the shop or on the jobsite, safety is paramount. And yet, finding products to make your work safer while not impinging on your productivity has always been a challenge. Finding products that not only make your work safer but at the same time faster while upholding your quality standards is the holy grail. One such product that fits the bill is the Microjig GRR-Ripper smart pushblock. Not only does it keep your hands away from the cutting action, but it also provides a high degree of adjustability to hold pieces that would traditionally be very difficult (or dangerous) to process by hand. In particular, the GRR-Ripper can be adjusted to hold down very thin stock, which is ideal if you’re making your own edge banding or frequently rip narrow workpieces. Innovative add-ons, like an adjustable heel, also give you leverage to push workpieces through the tablesaw or jointer without having to rely purely on the tackiness of the rubber pad. This means maintaining complete control over the wood board while optimizing your safety. Add this product to your workshop today!

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