Bench Dogs

20mm Bench Dogs: A Dog for Every Job

20mm Bench Dogs: A complete family of TSO Bench Dogs - plus excellent options from UJK

Our take on the popular 20mm bench dog addresses some common frustrations we've seen (and heard) from regular use. Having dealt with our fair share of ill-fitting or "stuck" woodworking bench dogs, we've designed twin grooves along the collar which make insertion and removal easier. Small but important design elements abound, like the tiny undercut beneath the collar ensures the dog fully seats even if your holes aren't perfectly devoid of tearout. Slight chamfers along the touchable surfaces result in a bench dog tool that's comfortable, accurate and a pleasure to use.

  • NEW! TSO Chamfer Dogs: With a precision machined chamfer detail in place of a traditional collar, these dogs self-square and self-center within their holes. With no above-the-worktop collar, Chamfer Dogs present a perfectly uniform vertical surface perpendicular to your worktop—perfect for positioning workpieces with rounded edge profiles, or stacks of sheet goods.
  • TSO Power-Loc Dogs: The ultimate bench connector and fixturing dog. Featuring an integrated locking lug with cam-action clamping--and it works entirely from above the worktop! No fiddling with clamping knobs from underneath your worktop.
  • Smart Connect Dogs: A bench connector and fixturing dog, Smart Connect Dogs have a chamfered lip to sit flush or slightly under your work surface, with a 28mm protrusion into your table—perfect for layering two 15mm (or 5/8") thick plywood panels.
  • Small Dogs: Standard 25mm collar with 18mm protrusion into your table; ideal for most uses. Also comes in a Close Fit (CF) version.
  • Medium Dogs: Standard 25mm collar with 24mm protrusion into your table; ideal for use with our PTR-18 Precision Triangle or thicker work surfaces.
  • Large Dogs: Standard 25mm collar with 30mm protrusion into your table; ideal for use with our MTR-18 Precision Triangle or very thick work surfaces.
  • Stubby Dogs: Measuring 30mm above the collar and 18mm beneath, Stubby Dogs are perfect for securing your guide rail when used with Dog Rail Clips. With their low profile, Stubby Dogs fit under a fully-plunged TS55 track saw motor housing so you can cut along the full length of your guide rail. Also comes in a Close Fit (CF) version.
  • Tall Dogs (a.k.a. Rail Dogs): Measuring a whopping 70mm above the collar and 18mm beneath, Tall Dogs work in conjunction with Dog Rail Clips to secure your guide rail to your 20mm worktop. Their height gives you maximum maximum plunge cut capacity, however this comes with a trade-off: Tall Dogs can interfere with your track saw motor housing as it passes along the guide rail. Stubby Dogs overcome this issue but limit your track saw plunge depth to about 25mm (1"). Also comes in a Close Fit (CF) version.

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