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TPG Adapter (Slide-On) v2 for TPG Parallel Guide System

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  • The TPG Slide-On Adapter v2 is an easy and economical way to attach TPG Parallel Guide System T-tracks to your track saw guide rail of choice.
  • TPG Slide-On Adapter v2 shown with TPG parallel guides and guide rail in the background.
  • TPG Slide-On Adapter shown highlighted. It provides a rigid connection between your guide rail and the TPG System T-track. Knobs included with TPG Set (not included with standalone TPG Adapter).
  • TPG Adapter (Slide-On) v2 for TPG Parallel Guide System
  • Lock TPG Adapter in place with hex driver. Note - hex driver included with TPG Set (not included with standalone TPG Adapters).
  • Use two TPG Adapters to complete your Parallel Guide System.
  • This comparison shows the difference between the TPG Slide-On Adapter v2 and Drop-On Adapter.
  • For parallel AND square cuts, you can substitute a Guide Rail Square for a TPG Adapter!


Fits Festool, Makita, Milwaukee, RIDGID, Milescraft, Powertec, WEN, Eastvolt and Kreg ACS guide rails. Festool and Kreg ACS users may opt for the tool-free Drop-on TPG Adapter.

Strong Slide-On Attachment for Your TSO Parallel Guide System

Designed to connect our TPG Sets to your guide rail of choice. The Slide-On TPG Adapter creates a rock-solid and reliable connection for precision parallel cuts with your TSO Parallel Guide System.

Combine two Slide-On TPG Adapters (sold separately) with any of our TPG Sets to complete your TSO Parallel Guide System.

Key Features

  • Complete Your TSO Parallel Guide System: The Slide-On TPG Adapter connects using the M6 Comfort Grip Star Knobs and CNC-Machined Centering Spacers included with a TPG-20, TPG-30 or TPG-30/50 Set (sold separately).
  • Won’t Interfere with Plunge Cuts: This adapter will not interfere with track saw plunge cuts and easily moves along the guide rail once attached.
  • Robust & Reliable: The Slide-On TPG Adapter secures to your guide rail with the included torpedo nut and top-mounted M5 flathead screws, locking it in place.
  • Optional Tool-Free Attachment: Add M5 Star Grip Knobs in place of the included M5 flathead screws for a tool-free connection with your guide rail.
  • Expanded Compatibility: Works with Festool, Makita, Milwaukee, Kreg ACS, RIGID, Milescraft, WEN, Eastvolt and Powertec guide rails.
  • Perfectly Parallel and Square: To complete your TSO Parallel Guide System, you can replace Slide-On TPG Adapters with a compatible TSO Guide Rail Square for making perfectly square cuts.

Installation Steps

  1. Loosen nutplate. Loosen the nutplate by partially unscrewing the two flathead screws at the top of the TPG Adapter body.
  2. Slide it in. Slide the TPG Adapter from either end of your guide rail to the desired position.
  3. Lock in place. Fully secure the two flathead screws on the top of the TPG Adapter.
  4. Attach parallel guide. Attach a TPG-20, TPG-30, or TPG-50 parallel guide using the Comfort Grip Knobs and Centering Spacers that came with your TPG Set.

What's Included

  • 1 qty. Slide-On TPG Adapter

What's NOT Included

Previous versions of our TPG Adapters included Comfort Grip Knobs and Centering Spacers, along with a 3mm Ball-Hex Driver. These accessories are now included in the TPG-20, TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Sets, and no longer included with each TPG Adapter.

Support Documentation

How to Build Your TSO Parallel Guide System

  • STEP 1: Select a TPG Set based on maximum rip cut width
  • STEP 2: Select a method of attachment compatible with your guide rail. Sold separately. Buy any two.

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23 Reviews

  • 4
    Best so far

    Posted by Mr. O on 1st May 2024

    I have 6 TPG slide adaptor dedicatedly installed on each 20”, 30” and 50” pairs. I prefer to configure my TSO parallel guide system this way so both of tracks rest on ply sheet rather than with GRS which make the tracks rest on the edge of ply. Plus I found GRS is a bit bulky although there is a benefit in calibration. I work on 6’ bench and usually ripping 4’ x 8’. I calibrate my track to guide rail at right angle to each other before using it. I wish i don’t have to calibrate and TPG adaptor and GRS can do this automatically. This is so far the best system. I do have the red one.

  • 3
    TPG Adaptor V2

    Posted by Rial Stedman on 2nd Feb 2024

    The product is fine but i really for the price that the M5 Star Screws should have been included and not another $10. I picked some screw up at the hardware store for $.50

  • 4
    I really love them thanks

    Posted by John tools on 31st Jul 2023

    I am looking forward to getting the drop on set

  • 5

    Posted by David B on 4th Apr 2023

    I love these parallel guide adapters. Lite, quick and slide on, accurate and square. I paired them with 20” T-tracks and have used them frequently to break down sheet goods. Highly recommend them.

  • 5
    TSG adapter

    Posted by Jack G Woods on 31st Mar 2023

    It worked perfectly. I would purchase it again.

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