Precision Triangles & Squares

The Woodworking Triangle: Reinvented.

TSO Products Precision Triangles
A fresh, modern take on a woodworking staple gets you better results

MTR-18 and MTR-X Precision Triangles shown on a Festool MFT/3Much more than just woodworking triangles, the TSO Products PTR-18, MTR-18, and MTR-X are first-of-their-kind tools combining CNC machined accuracy with a wide array of useful accessories to enable countless measurement, marking, clamping, angle measurement and jig scenarios. TSO layout triangles are designed to complement today's modern 20mm MFT-style worktops by offering a variety of different attachment methods, and they can even be connected directly to track saw guide rails for fast and accurate angle cuts. Made in the USA from thick precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed to be square to within .001" over their entire length and anodized for a protective and non-marring finish.