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Flat Face Bench Dogs - Pair

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  • Flat Face Bench Dogs pair nicely with the Power-Loc Toggle Clamp, shown here applying horizontal clamping force.
  • Flat Face Bench Dogs - Pair
  • Flat Face Bench Dog Caps - Pair
  • Flat Face Bench Dog Caps - Pair
  • With free spinning heads, Flat Face Dogs can secure mitered/angled workpieces.
  • Use as a quick-to-setup fence for making cuts with your track saw.
  • The perfect small work stops.
  • Accurately locate workpieces in repeatable fashion.
  • Combine with other fixturing accessories such as our TDS-13 to secure your workpiece on all axis.
  • Flat Face Bench Dogs insert just like any other 20mm bench dog.
  • Use as a quick-to-setup fence for making cuts with your track saw.
$19.95 - $29.95


Bench Dogs with a Large Bearing Surface

While typical 20mm bench dogs are fully cylindrical and a great fit for a variety of workbench applications, sometimes you need the larger bearing surface afforded by work stops like the TDS-13 or these Flat Face Bench Dogs. When fixturing traditional rectangular panels, the sides of a cylindrical dog only provide a very small tangential bearing surface which can result in small dents or divots in your workpiece depending on the clamping strength and workpiece material utilized. By providing a CNC precision milled flat face measuring a generous 1½" (38.1mm) in width and ½" (12.7mm) in height, these bench dogs can serve as dependable fixturing aids or work stops, especially when used in conjunction with inline clamps such as our Power-Log Toggle Clamp. The dog head can also be freely rotated to accommodate angled fixturing applications, such as mitered or triangular workpieces.

Flat Face Bench Dogs are sold in pairs, and can be purchased with or without their cylindrical body. If you already own a pair of our Smart Connect Bench Dogs, you can order the standalone Flat Face Dog Heads with Screws and attach to the tops of your Smart Connect Bench Dog bodies to form a complete solution.

Don't Forget to Chamfer!

Chamfering a 20mm hole patterned worktop To get the best experience with our Flat Face Bench Dogs and other workholding accessories, you must use them in chamfered 20mm dog holes. We offer a Hand Chamfer Tool suitable for adding this chamfer to MDF/HDF worktops, as well as a Combined Chamfer & Reamer Tool which adds the chamfer while also enlarging your dog holes with uniform precision. For hardwood veneered plywood, a quality 45° chamfer router bit will make quick work of chamfering your dog holes. Chamfering your work surface holes provides another added benefit: by removing the hard edges, you reduce the likelihood of catching a finger.

Key Features

  • Large, flat bearing surface reduces the likelihood of denting your workpiece under clamping load
  • Projects only ½" (12.7mm) above your work surface, maintaining a lower profile
  • Two-piece design with rotating head accommodates angled or mitered workpieces
  • Sold as a pair, and can be purchased as a complete set, or as standalone heads and screws for attachment to Smart Connect Bench Dogs
  • Made in the USA
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Warranty & Returns

TSO brand products are guaranteed for five years from date of sale against defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear and accidental damage are not covered.
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