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UJK Parf Super Dog

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  • The Parf Super Dog shown with all 3 included standard and chamfered collars.
  • Simply twist the top to lock the dog in place.
  • UJK Parf Super Dog
  • UJK Parf Super Dog shown with Standard Collar.
  • UJK Parf Super Dog shown installed upside-down.
  • The Parf Super Dog can be used with the UJK Dog Rail Clips to hold your guide rail to your 20mm worktop.


Note that Parf Super Dogs are sold in individual units, not pairs!

Secures to Your Worktop with a Simple Twist

How to Build a 20mm Workbench with the Parf Guide System
A simple twist is all it takes to lock the Parf Super Dog rigidly in place.

Tall dogs, no matter how tight the tolerances in the dog hole, will always have a little movement. Otherwise, inserting and removing the dog would be a challenge. However, without a locking device, this will inevitably result in a slight wobble and a possible loss of accuracy. The taller the dog, the more pronounced the movement. In order to overcome this, TSO's own DoubleGroove™ Dogs have the ability to clamp to your table using a threaded knob; but obviously, they require access to the underside of the table.

Enter the UJK Parf Super Dog, precisely manufactured to an exceptionally fine tolerance. A simple twist of the top of the dog changes fine tolerance into zero tolerance and locks it firmly in place. Once locked, there is no wobble or movement; the UJK Parf Super Dog fit is rock solid. A simple twist of the top in the opposite direction releases the dog for quick removal.

The UJK Parf Super Dog is 90mm long and comes with two interchangeable collars. A 25mm diameter, 10mm tall mid-bush register exactly mimics the original Parf Dog, providing 60mm projection in total. When used in pairs, the super precision fit of the dog is perfect for fixing other items or jigs with corresponding 20mm holes.

Finally, for those who have chamfered their dog holes, a stop collar fits into this chamfer and provides a register ensuring the dog sits exactly at 90° to the work surface when locked in place, whilst still allowing for a flush fit. If your dog holes do not have a chamfer, you can use the UJK Parf Super Dog with this collar inverted. We offer the UJK Chamfer Cutter or the UJK Combined Chamfer & Reaming Tool for adding chamfers to your 20mm worktop, or you can use a router with a bevel cutter to create a slight chamfer.

A long version of the Parf Super Dog is also available, either as a standalone product or with just the with a long adapter enabling you to convert this Parf Super Dog into a Parf Long Super Dog.

Key Features

  • A useful accessory for making accurate, repeatable cuts
  • CNC machined from 303 stainless steel
  • Precisely manufactured to exceptionally fine tolerance
  • Simple twist of the top changes fine tolerance into zero tolerance
  • Once locked, the dog is rigidly fixed in place
  • Fully compatible with Festool MFT/3 and tables with 20mm holes
  • Insert from beneath for use as a low profile dog
  • A long version of the Parf Super Dog is also available, as well as a Long Adapter to upgrade the Parf Super Dog


Watch Peter Parfitt's videos showing how to use the UJK Parf Super Dog:





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25 Reviews

  • 5
    UJK Parf Super Dog

    Posted by Brian Payne on 11th Oct 2023

    These work great!!! They are shipped set up for chamfered holes. They really save time.

  • 5
    The definition of precision.

    Posted by Marc Pfister on 15th Sep 2023

    Great workmanship. Clever design and they fit perfectly.

  • 5
    Ujk parf super dog

    Posted by Conner Jonson on 12th Apr 2023

    Great product. My only downside is that they aren’t sold in pairs especially when you need at least two for them to link with tour rail.

  • 5
    Excellent dogs.

    Posted by Ignacio Trejo on 6th Mar 2023

    Great product. I recommend it.

  • 5
    Lock these dogs from above the table

    Posted by King Waters on 29th Dec 2022

    These dogs are designed to be locked down, not from a speed knob below the table, but from a simple twist of the upper portion of the dog itself. The twist turns threaded connectors, which squeeze the orange O-rings, tightening the dog into the bore of the MFT dog-hole. Suggest buying them in pairs, an expense that pays dividends in convenience. Incredibly well-made in UK.

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