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20mm DoubleGroove Collared Bench Dogs

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  • The DoubleGroove family of 20mm collared bench dogs.
  • Small size, ideal for most 20mm bench dog applications.
  • Large size, for use with thicker worktops or our MTR-18 Precision Triangle.
  • Tall size, for use with Dog Rail Clips to attach a guide rail to your 20mm worktop.
$18.95 - $29.95


All DoubleGroove™ Dogs are sold in pairs (purchase "1" quantity and you will receive two dogs). To secure your bench dogs, consider adding our M8 SpeedKnobs™ (sold separately).

Collared Bench Dogs Available in a Wide Range of Sizes & Fits

DoubleGroove™ Dogs are available in a variety of sizes and two different "fits," making them the perfect complement for most perforated worktops including the Festool MFT/3 or custom-made 20x96mm hole patterned worktops. All DoubleGroove Dogs are CNC-turned from 6061-T6 aluminum for a durable finish. To accommodate clamping, these dogs include threaded holes accepting M8 SpeedKnobs or other M8x1.25 threaded clamping knobs. Twin grooves machined along their collar make DoubleGroove Dogs easier to insert and remove from dog holes. Sold in pairs.

Selecting the Right Size

  • Small: Ideal for most bench dog use. Projects 10mm above your worktop, and 18mm beneath.
  • Large: For use in thicker worktops, or with our MTR-18 Precision Triangle. Projects 10mm above your worktop, and 30mm beneath.
  • Tall: For connecting a guide rail to your 20mm worktop using Dog Rail Clips. Projects 70mm above your worktop, and 18mm beneath.

Selecting the Right "Fit"

Our "Standard Fit" bench dogs feature a 19.90mm diameter body, which fits well in the Festool MFT/3 but can result in needless play when used in worktops created with the Parf Guide System. Instead, our "Close Fit" Dogs feature a 19.98mm body, providing a near zero clearance fit when inserted into a 20mm bench dog hole.

Key Features

  • Easier to Use: Twin grooves running along the collar make DoubleGroove 20mm Bench Dogs easier to remove than other dogs on the market; no more stuck dogs!
  • A Perfect Fit: Precision machined to exacting tolerances and available in two different "fits" to perfectly match your worktop.
  • Clampable: Each dog includes an M8x1.25 threaded hole, perfect for use with M8 SpeedKnobs to secure the dogs on your 20mm perforated worktop. (If you already have the knobs from Festool's 488030 Clamping Elements, those will work too, but you'll find our SpeedKnobs to be much faster and easier to thread.)
  • Material: 6000 series aluminum alloy, T6 tempered

Optional Accessories

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DoubleGroove Dog Dimension Drawings

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