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LR 32 Guide Plate Adapter Kit for Makita Compact Routers

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  • Turn your Makita compact router into the ultimate 32mm hole boring machine.
  • Close-up of the components included in the TSO Adapter Kit.
  • Utilize the Festool LR 32 System with a more cost-effective router.
  • The TSO Adapter Baseplate sits between the router and Festool guide plate.
  • Insert the magnetic TSO Pivot Block to route continuous dados and rebates.
  • TSO Adapter Baseplate installed on the bottom of the Makita compact router plunge base.
  • TSO Adapter Baseplate and Festool guide plate installed and ready for use.


This product adapts Makita compact routers for use with Festool's LR 32 Hole Drilling System. To make use of this adapter kit, you will need a compatible Makita compact router with plunge base, an 8mm collet, the Festool LR 32-SYS Hole Drilling Set (584100), and a Festool LR 32 guide rail.

Turn your trim router into a 32mm hole boring powerhouse

Festool’s LR 32 Hole Drilling System is one of the best ways to efficiently build cabinets using the standardized European frameless 32mm system, particularly when boring shelf pin holes in casework. Originally designed to utilize Festool OF 1400 or OF 1010 routers, this Adapter Kit makes it possible to use Festool’s LR 32 system with Makita’s popular compact routers (models XTR01Z and RT0701C).

Utilize the Festool LR 32 system without purchasing or reconfiguring a Festool router every time you need to bore holes in cabinetry. Instead, you can dedicate a lower cost Makita trim router for a more practical setup that’s ready to go when you need it.

More Than Just Boring Holes: Grooves, Dados, & Rabbets, Too

TSO Pivot Block being placed underneath LR 32 Guide Plate latch
The TSO Pivot Block features an integrated magnet and is placed underneath the lever on the LR 32 guide plate to enable routing of continuous dados and rabbets.

With the included Pivot Block, Festool’s LR 32 System can also be used to route continuous grooves, dados and rabbets—perfect for accommodating casework backing or drawer bottoms. The Pivot Block features an integrated magnet and attaches underneath the guide plate lever, keeping the pin temporarily raised such that it will not engage the holes in the guide rail. This is a great alternative to other router-to-guide-rail attachment methods such as Festool's own guide stops, especially if you don't need the micro-adjust feature. When you want to switch back to 32mm hole boring, simply remove the TSO Pivot Block from underneath the lever, self-store the block using its magnetic base anywhere on the LR 32 Guide Plate, and re-install your 5mm boring bit.

What's Included

  • 1 qty. Adapter Baseplate – CNC machined and laser engraved from ¼" thick polycarbonate; replaces the original injection molded plate on the Makita 196094-2 Plunge Base
  • 2 qty. M6 Comfort Grip Knobs – For securing the router to Festool’s LR 32 metal guide plate
  • 1 qty. Pivot Block – Optionally prevents the guide plate pin from engaging into the guide rail holes, for routing slots and dados

What's Required?

To make use of this adapter kit, you will need:


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