6 Creative Applications of the MTR-18 Precision Triangle

6 Creative Applications of the MTR-18 Precision Triangle

Woodworking is an art of precision, and the right tools can make all the difference in achieving flawless results. The MTR-18 Precision System Triangle by TSO Products is one tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations with its versatility. Let’s explore six creative applications of the MTR-18 precision triangle to understand its capabilities.

Marking Any Angle on a Large Workpiece

The MTR-18 triangle’s long and supremely accurate edges allow you to mark any angle, even on large workpieces.

Picture this: You are working on a custom staircase cut string requiring precise angle cuts. You can set the MTR-18 as a fence for your track saw, ensuring your cuts are precise and consistent, and its protractor allows you to dial in any custom angle while fixing it into position on your Festool MFT/3 or similar 20x96mm hole patterned worktop. This capability eliminates the need for metrology, angle-finding tools, and specialized jigs.

Connecting Triangle to Guide Rail With No 20mm Worktop

The previous example showcases how the MTR-18 can be used as an adjustable angle fence, mounted in an MFT/3 table. But if you don’t have this table, or are working on a jobsite, you can connect the MTR-18 directly to your guide rail with TSO’s Triangle to Guide Rail Adapter.

With the protractor installed on the MTR-18, you can reference off the front edge of your workpiece and cut at any angle without a 20mm worktop. Just need to cut at 90 and 45 degrees? Skip the protractor for the MTR-18’s removeable foot, which provides a long reference edge that you can place on the front edge of your workpiece for perfect 45 and 90 degree cuts.

Marking 90s or 45s With the Removable Foot or Edge Locator Pins

While the MTR-18 excels at its primary function of marking perfect angles or perpendicular lines, it goes above and beyond with its removable foot and Edge Locator Pins. Both components allow you to mark precise 90-degree or 45-degree angles effortlessly.

You can mount the Edge Locator Pins to one face of the MTR-18 triangle via tapped holes, creating a projected guide line on the face of the triangle. Doing so makes it simple to align the triangle to the edge of your workpiece, even if that edge has a profile such as a large roundover.

Squaring Cabinet Casing for Assembly or Glue-Up

Squaring cabinet casing for assembly or glue-up is another creative application of the MTR-18 precision triangle. The MTR-18 simplifies this process with its clamping angles. You can square cabinet casings by attaching these angles to the triangle and using two clamps to pull your cabinet square.

Square MFT/3 Guide Rail to Fence

Calibrating the angle of your Festool MFT/3 fence in relation to the guide rail is a frequent necessity. The MTR-18 makes this calibration process quick and easy. The pins allow you to check for squareness even when the guide rail is in its elevated position, ensuring your cuts are always at a perfect 90 degrees.

Squaring Guide Rail to 20mm Hole Pattern

Confirming a 90° relationship between your dog holes and guide rails is critical if you use guide rail dogs or another method of attaching the guide rail via 20mm dog holes. Simply attach the protractor to the MTR-18 and use the provided DoubleGroove Bench Dogs placed through the body of the triangle and into your 20x96mm hole patterned worktop to verify correct size and spacing of your dog holes.

The MTR-18 Precision System Triangle isn’t just another tool; it’s a game-changer for woodworkers. With its remarkable accuracy, versatility, and innovative applications, it can improve your finished product. Purchase the MTR-18 or TSO’s other woodworking triangles to step up your woodworking game.

12th Mar 2024 Eric

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