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UJK Parf Repeat Stop

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Repeatable Cuts Made Easy

Made from stainless steel, the UJK Parf Repeat Stop has been designed to make accurate repeat cuts of the same length when using a track saw and guide rail on the Festool MFT/3 or MW1000 or any precision 20x96mm perforated worktop, including those made with the UJK Parf Guide System. A great addition to your workshop, the Parf Repeat Stop complements this modern way of working.

Supplied with a pair of fixing posts and a sliding bar, these enable small adjustments to be made. You can leave the setting bar clamped in position to the dogs when removing from the table for repeat tasks. For convenience, the fixing posts, similar in function to the UJK Super Dog, can be used as low-profile bench dogs when not used in the kit. The sliding bar has a scale range of 0 to 96mm (3.77").

Key Features

  • Enables repeat length cuts on an MFT/3 or other 20mm hole pattern workbenches
  • Supplied with two fixing posts which can also be used as bench dogs
  • Sliding bar range is 96mm (3.77")
  • Made predominantly from stainless steel
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