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UJK Parf System Fence & Stop Kit

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  • Position the fence OVER your workpiece for precise routing operations.
  • This image shows everything you get in the 600mm version long fence kit.
  • This image shows everything you get in the 1,000mm version long fence kit.
  • Close up of the locking stop with Bristol style knob.
  • Precision CNC machined to be a perfect fit for your 20mm top.
  • Use as a reference edge to get perfect 90 degree cuts.
  • Great for final assembly and glue-up.
  • An extra dog hole enables the Parf Fence to mount at a 45 angle.
  • UJK Parf System Fence & Stop Kit
  • Utilize the included dogs to form a second reference edge for squaring panels.
  • Perfect 45 degree miter cuts.
  • Repeatable accuracy thanks to the included stop.
$109.95 - $159.95


A Precise, Multi-Function Fence for Your 20mm Worktop

Watch this video for an excellent walkthrough of the Parf Fence by none other than Mr. Parfitt himself!

Yet another innovation from renowned woodworker and inventor Peter Parfitt, we're pleased to provide UJK Technology's Parf Fence. This precision fence, like all UJK Parf products, is manufactured to very tight tolerances and measures either 600mm (23.6") or 1,000mm (39.4") long (depending on the option you select at the top of the page), 10mm (0.39") thick and 40mm (1.57") wide. Included with the fence are two 25mm long Parf Dogs custom-made for this fence featuring an M8 tapped through hole for under-bench clamping among other uses, and a simple adjustable stop that attaches to the fence with a Bristol style locking handle.

For maximum versatility, the 600mm long version of this fence has two sets of holes along its length, while the 1,000mm long version includes three sets of holes. Each set comprises four chamfered holes ensuring the dogs sit flush with the top. The distance between each set is 96mm, exactly matching the centers of the holes in Festool's MFT/3 Multifunction Table. The fence is made to CNC accuracy consistent with the Parf Guide System. Within each set, the holes are at 32mm centers, allowing you to use the fence when constructing cabinets designed with System 32.

The fence functions as its title suggests, giving you either a 600mm or 1,000mm long straight edge making it easy to locate a workpiece against it when cutting on the multifunction worktop. With the fence in place, there is no need to reposition the bench dogs when cutting different lengths. The stop allows you to make accurate repeat cuts, long or short. With the stop in place and by moving the fence one hole along, this shifts the stock by 32mm, for marking, drilling or other tasks. The fence becomes a useful stop when hand planing, and can even be placed over the workpiece to provide a straight reference edge for marking or routing operations. Two fences positioned at 90° are a great aid when assembling cabinet frames or drawers. The more you use this piece of equipment, the more uses you will find for it.

Key Features

  • Precision machined, anodised aluminium
  • 600mm (23.6") or 1,000mm (39.4") long by 10mm (0.39") thick by 40mm (1.57") wide
  • Compatible with multifunction benches that have a 20x96mm hole pattern
  • Fits onto any bench made with Parf Guide system
  • Especially useful for short workpieces and repeat cuts
  • Supplied with two 25mm long Parf dogs and an adjustable stop
  • Made in Great Britain
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Parf fence

    Posted by Bryan Thrush on 3rd Nov 2023

    Very well machined.

  • 5
    Great design and workmanship. I buy to complement perpe fixturing. The flag stop is solid.

    Posted by Marc Pfister on 15th Sep 2023

    I may buy a second one to complement perpendicular fixturing.

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