BORA Centipede 2x4-foot Unit with 4 X-Cups, 2 Clamps, Carry Bag

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  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - Expanded
  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - Contracted
  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - Included Accessories
  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - Circular Saw
  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - 2x4 Support Bracket
  • 2x4 ft. Centipede - Table Top Mitre Saw
  • Centipede Table Top (20mm Dog Holes) - Folded for Carry
  • Centipede Table Top (3/4-inch Dog Holes) - Folded for Carry


Versatile, portable 2x4-foot workstation

Testing out the Centipede with 15 sheets of melamine
We put the Centipede 4x8-foot stand to the test with 15 sheets of ¾" laminate. No problem for the Centipede.

The Bora Centipede CK6S Workstand is an incredibly flexible work stand for your shop or job site. It transforms from a super compact 6x9x38" into a 2x4-foot workstation in seconds—no helper or assembly required.

Despite its light weight, the Centipede is incredibly strong. This model can support 2,500 lbs evenly distributed across the top, making it a great option for holding stacks of sheet goods up off the ground. Flexible yet tough, the Centipede allows you to create a custom work space to fit your needs, wherever that may be.

Key Features

  • Creates a 2x4-foot workstation with a 30" working height
  • Supports 2,500 lbs.
  • Includes two Quick Clamps, four X-Cups, and one Carry Bag
  • Folded dimensions: 6x9x38"
  • Heavy-duty steel struts are flexible to absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery, and durable enough to ensure long-lasting, smooth operation
  • Durable polymer P-Tops at each point of contact won't mark the surface of your project or let saw blades cause potential damage to struts
  • P-Tops feature 360-degree rotational spin and can accommodate all Centipede accessories to expand worksite capabilities
  • Table tops sold separately (this product uses one BORA Centipede Table Top to cover entire surface area)
  • Table tops, sold separately, are offered with either 20mm dog holes or 3/4" dog holes (to cover the entire work surface area, add one BORA Centipede Table Top)
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Warranty & Returns

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1 Review

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    Centipede 2x4-foot unit.

    Posted by Pete on 1st Mar 2023

    I am not a Rockler rep or Bora rep but do have an affinity for TSO products and a year back obtained 2 of these so as to be able to be a "garage portable" weekend worker. After using the UKJ parf guide system I made a 4X8 sheet into 2 identical pieces by removing a 500mm(need at least two rows of holes, preferably four with one of the center two offset by 48mm) center strip and edge banded them. What I would like to add to the community is the use of the Rockler Bench cookies and stems to the Centipede. Have not seen this mentioned on any video. The Cookie stems fit into the Centipede dog holes. The long 'stems' of the cookies are with a flange allowing a difference 3/4 inch depending upon which end you attach the cookie and insert into the centipede dog hole. This allows one to set up a MFT top a multitude of ways with two of the 2x4 Centipedes with the center strip as an under splice between the larger MFT panels. The panels are secured with four TSO power lock dogs via any of the aligning holes. This was my first use of the UJK Perf guide product and I was, and have been, without issue generating the required accuracy of hole position. The difference in the cookie stems keeps the surface level which 1) can be used create 'channel' for the saw avoiding cutting into the top, 2) creates a very stable work surface with the centipede base(s) and 3) a decent sized work space which store compactly. TSO site management feel free to omit this review as it is more of a use and idea than a review. Obviously I have a common niche use and have no reservations re: the centipede for my use.

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