BORA Centipede Non-Slips Set (6-Pack)

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  • Centipede Non-slip Accessory
  • Centipede Non-slip Accessory - Installed
  • Centipede Non-slip Accessory - Set of 6 included
  • Centipede Non-slip Accessory  - Angle View


Keep your Centipede worksurface stable and slip-free

These rubber pads fit directly into the P-Top system of your Centipede workstand to minimize material movement.

The Bora Centipede 6-pc Non-Slips Set provides a high-friction soft surface for the Centipede support system, improving workstand top stability without the use of Quick Clamps. They're a low-profile solution for holding materials in place, and because they fit into either hole in the P-Tops, you can use other accessories with them to create a more flexible, capable workstation.

Designed to fit on the BORA Centipede 2ft x 4ft x 30in Unit.

Order 3 units to completely cover the BORA Centipede 4ft x 8ft x 30in Unit.

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