Parallel Guide System

TSO Parallel Guide System: The Most Capable, Accurate Parallel Guide System

Upgrade from the tape-measure-and-marking routine to a best-in-class system that will increase the speed, accuracy and quality of your work. The TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) System utilizes two precision extruded T-tracks attached perpendicular to your guide rail with two precisely machined FlipStops which engage the edge of your workpiece parallel to your guide rail's cutting line—resulting in accurate and perfectly repeatable rip cuts. The TSO Parallel Guide System is compatible with any length of Festool, Kreg, Makita, and Powertec brand guide rails.

What Sets the TPG System Apart?

We built the patented TPG Parallel Guide System from the ground-up to offer the most capability and accuracy—and to specifically address user-reported limitations of competing products. Like all parallel guides, the TPG System provides for repeatable rips—but it has a few distinct qualities you’ll only find from a TSO Product:

  • No cumbersome designs that rely on sliding together small tracks and time-consuming setup. The TPG System relies on one-piece T-tracks with rock-solid bolt-on attachment to your guide rail, a FlipStop v2.0 that only moves when you want it to, and lightning-fast calibration.
  • Metric and Imperial dual dimensions are laser engraved on every T-track because…why not?
  • Exclusive Calibration Memory™ feature of FlipStop v2.0 removes the need for re-calibration when changing between standard and narrow stock rods.
  • Capacity to rip full 4x8 sheetgoods all the way down to very narrow cuts, with material as thin a 1/4" (6mm).
  • The TPG System has the patented ability to square and parallel in a single cut, using just one T-track!

Build the System for the Way You Work!

As opposed to costly and complicated combination bundles, the TSO parallel guides are simple to order. To get started, check out our TPG System Product Page. Follow the steps on that page to select the capacity and connection method for your system. You can always add accessories in the future to meet your unique needs, such as additional FlipStops v2.0, Guide Rail Adapters (Slide-On style or Drop-On style only compatible with Festool or Kreg guide rails), Knob Sets and more. We're constantly adding new products to the TPG family, so be sure to sign up for our TSO Insider newsletter (bottom of page) to be informed of new product developments.