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UJK Parf Guide System Mk II Stick - 1 Meter

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A Spare Parf Stick with Additional Holes at 32mm & 48mm

Spare Parf Sticks (Mark II) are available for standalone purchase. The accuracy of the UJK Parf Guide System is dependent on the very tight tolerance of the holes in these sticks. The drill guides locate positively into holes in the Parf Stick, located at 96mm centers. These Parf Sticks also have additional holes 32mm or 48mm centers, offering the possibility of drilling intermediate holes, or holes for predetermined angles other than 90°. Further, these Parf Sticks also feature a metric scale along one edge so that they can be used as a long rule or other uses in the workshop. (Note, this is not intended for use as a precision straight edge.)

Key Features

  • Mark II version of the Parf Stick with added functionality
  • Additional holes enable drilling at 32 and 48mm centers
  • Metric scale along one edge, for use as a rule
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