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UJK Parf Guide System Mark II

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  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II
  • UJK Parf Guide System MK II


Create Your Own Custom 20mm Worktop in Record Time

How to Build a 20mm Workbench with the Parf Guide System
For an excellent tutorial, read How to Build a Power Tool Table from Axminster Tools & Machinery.

Designed by renowned woodworker and inventor Peter Parfitt, we're pleased to provide UJK Technology's Parf Guide System Mark II. A highly accurate means of laying out a pattern of 20mm holes in a work surface, this system makes the task both quick and easy. Thanks to the high precision CNC machining used to perfectly position the registration holes along the two Parf sticks and some classic geometry (the Pythagorean theorem, to be specific), the Parf Guide System produces highly accurate hole positions at near CNC accuracy. With an accurate pattern of 20mm holes and a set of our Bench Dogs, you will be able to make the perfect right angle or 45° cuts with your guide rail and track saw.

The design of the Parf Guide System Mark II preserves and guarantees the long-term accuracy of the jig as well as improving its ease of use. It uses two "Parf Sticks" along with a drill guide and a special 3mm drill bit to create rows and columns of holes at perfect right angles.

The accuracy of the Parf Guide System is dependent on the very tight tolerance of the holes in the Parf Sticks. The drill guides locate positively into holes in the Parf Stick. These guides feature oilite bushes to guide the 3mm drill bit. This design prevents any possibility of wear or elongation of these vital holes as a result of repeated use. Additional holes in the Parf Sticks offer the possibility of drilling intermediate holes at 32mm or 48mm centers or holes at predetermined angles other than 90°. The Parf Sticks have a metric scale along one edge so that they may have other uses in the workshop.

How It Works

Based on Pythagorean theorem, the Parf Guide System uses the aforementioned Parf Sticks, along with a 3mm drill guide and 3mm drill bit, to create an accurately placed series of holes with the rows at perfect right angles to the columns. Then, the guide block and a special 20mm bit come into play to produce the final pattern of 20mm holes.

The Parf Guide System Mark II comprises two Parf Sticks, each 1m long with a series of 3mm holes along the length at 96mm centers; a 3mm drill guide with 3mm drill bit, and three 3mm guide pins. Plus, a guide block and a special 20mm tungsten carbide drill bit with a 3mm center guide.

  • Based on the Pythagorean theorem for infallible accuracy
  • Quick and easy, guaranteed results every time
  • Produce a portable cutting worktop whenever the need arises
  • Create custom-made, bench top track saw cutting stations
  • All components made, checked or assembled in Great Britain
  • Includes two Parf Sticks and all necessary guides and drill bits
Parf Guide System Case/Organizer
This UJK branded T-LOC Systainer3 organizer comes with a pre-cut foam insert ready to organize and protect your Parf Guide System Mark I or II components.

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90 Reviews

  • 5
    UJK PARF guide system mk2

    Posted by Michael Wilson on 13th May 2024

    Overall, I'm very happy with the system. Issues I had were almost all due to bad choice in source material (Don't use melamine). Holes directly after drilling were too tight to use the 20mm guide dogs, and had to be reamed using the reaming tool. Not sure if that was me, the material, or the guide system.

  • 5
    Parf guid mark II

    Posted by Matt Steadman on 26th Mar 2024

    I was able to layout and drill holes in a very precise pattern. Instructions were clear and easy to follow

  • 5
    More expensive than thought...but WOW

    Posted by larry mccutchan on 26th Mar 2024

    Ok, I was really hesitant on buying this product because of the cost. However, after trying to get this level of precision out of my skills at my shop....this was well worth it. The output is outstanding and has been very useful in my benchtop builds.

  • 4
    Parf guide system mk 2 issue

    Posted by Phillip Paul Howard on 29th Jan 2024

    I have been making mft work tops with the parf guide system first with mk 1 then purchased mk 2. I take great care when laying out the first grid of holes, but I always have some holes that are just 1/2 a mm off. I bought new mk 1 parf sticks thinking that I had 3 mm holes that were worn. I then bought the mk 2 system and the last mft I made was also some 3 mm holes were off a little just enough that the pins won't fit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Mike Sanchez on 27th Jan 2024

    I love this product I bought a few other guide’s but nothing beats this system I love it and will absolutely 100% recommend this UJK PARF GUIDE SYSTEM MARK II

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