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UJK Parf Dust Port

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  • UJK Parf Dust Port
  • UJK Parf Dust Port
  • UJK Parf Dust Port


Keep a Tidy Worktop While Using the Parf Guide System

Good news: the UJK Parf Dust Port is now included with each UJK Parf Guide Drilling System Mark II. There is no need to order it separately.

The UJK Technology Parf Dust Port firmly attaches to the Parf Guide Block. This dust extractor is invaluable when drilling into MDF to produce your multifunction bench top. It allows direct connection to a vacuum extractor, removing dust and debris. This arrangement prevents nasty MDF dust entering the working environment and ensures the drill bushing remains free of contamination. It fits on either side of the guide block; whichever is most convenient. The outlet is 38mm in diameter for a straightforward connection to many common extractor hoses. (Some extractors may require a simple taper adaptor.)

Key Features

  • MDF dust extraction for Parf Guide System
  • Firm and secure attachment to Parf Guide Block
  • Allows direct connection to a vacuum extractor
  • This dust collector port is invaluable when drilling into MDF
  • Prevents MDF dust entering the working environment
  • Ensures the drill bushing remains free of debris

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Warranty & Returns

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7 Reviews

  • 2
    Clamp arm broke after 1 use

    Posted by Bonadies John on 9th Jan 2023

    I just purchased the Parf System over the holidays and created some folding work tops. The system is fantastic, but one of the the arms of this Vacuum Port broke on its first use. The arm looked bowed in to begin with so it must have had more stress when attaching. However I think it’s a poor design to have those thin arms and I hope this port is redesigned.

  • 2
    Breaks very easily

    Posted by Eric on 27th Dec 2022

    The plastic "fingers" are very fragile. I followed the instructions on Peter Parfitt's Youtube video to put this one, worked great once installed. However, removing it is very tricky, if you bend the fingers even a tiny bit too much, they break. Kudos to TSO's great support, who quickly sent me a replacement, but unfortunately that one broke attempting to remove it VERY carefully. I even heated it up first to make the plastic a bit more flexible. I guess I'll make a shop-made one as shown in Peter Parfitt's video.

  • 5
    Very Strong. Very Very Useful

    Posted by Michael Fuchs on 17th Jan 2022

    I purchased my Parf system before this dust port became available. Having done the drilling without it and now with it I can unequivocally say it is worth every penny in making the drilling process faster. It clears shavings quickly and thoroughly.

  • 4
    dust port

    Posted by wayne w mason on 2nd Feb 2021

    one of the side clip retainers fractured off when attempting to attach it to my drill guide. When seated snugly onto my drill guide with a rubber band, debris recovery is great..

  • 3
    Dust port

    Posted by Mac Campbell on 26th Dec 2020

    Looks nice but tolerances are too tight and one of the retaining arms broke the first time I Tried to install it on the boring head.

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