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UJK ProGrip Clamp

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  • UJK ProGrip Clamp 36 inches pairs well with your router to make grooves and dados.
  • UJK ProGrip Clamp 36 inches
  • UJK ProGrip Clamp 36 inches - Jigsaw
  • UJK ProGrip Clamp 36 inches pairs well with your router to make grooves and dados.
  • UJK ProGrip Clamp 36 inches - Clamp Action
$44.95 - $66.95


Save Time, Effort & Money

Get things straight with UJK ProGrip Clamps. If you carry out repetitive work, UJK ProGrip Clamps will save you time, effort and money.

Easy to use, simply clamp onto a workpiece and guide your power tool to create perfectly straight edges and accurate cuts. Sanding can also be made easier, when the correct accessories are purchased.

Many every-day power tool sawing or routing tasks involve cutting a straight line. There is always the problem of how best to guide the tool along a straight cutline. These guide clamps are a perfect alternative to trying to use a straight bit of scrap wood and a couple of G-clamps, which invariably will get in your way. UJK ProGrip guide clamps are a purpose-made, obstruction-free solution, offering a versatile and secure method for guiding routers, circular saws, jigsaws, and other cutting tools. A positive clamping mechanism sits below the top of the clamp, and has three progressive clamping pressures to allow for final positioning before securely locking. It exerts plenty of pressure ensuring the guide clamp will not move in use. The guide clamp’s extruded aluminum profile is rigid, and will not bow in use ensuring your power tool will follow a straight line.

To order, select from three lengths: 610mm (24"), 915mm (36"), or 1,270 (36").

Key Features

  • Rigid extruded aluminum profile guides the power tool
  • Guarantees a straight cut when sawing or routing
  • A purpose-made, obstruction-free solution

Optional Precision Grooving Jig

The UJK Precision Grooving Jig allows you to cut grooves, dadoes (through or stopped) and rectangular cutouts. Designed for use with the ProGrip Clamps, it offers outstanding accuracy and precision. See it in action below!


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