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UJK Cam & Wedge Clamping Set

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  • UJK Cam & Wedge Clamping Set
  • UJK Cam & Wedge Clamping Set
  • UJK Cam & Wedge Clamping Set


Obstruction-Free Yet Powerful Clamping Action

The UJK Technology Cam & Wedge set is an exceptionally useful accessory for a multifunction table. It allows you to clamp a workpiece leaving its top free from any obstruction for routing, sanding, carving etc. The principle is as old as the pyramids and just as effective now as it was then. The UJK Technology Cam & Wedge set offers complete unbudgeability.

The UJK Cam & Wedge Clamping Set comprises three stainless steel 12mm guide pups, a surface cam clamp and CNC machined HDF Valchromat, backstop, two wedges and spacer block. The backstop has three dog holes; two spaced at 96mm for lateral or longitudinal positioning and the third for diagonal placement.

The surface cam clamp also features screw holes allowing its use on a plain board. Depending on the width or thickness of your workpiece, you may need to use one or both wedges and possibly the spacer block. All parts are available separately.

  • Truly useful clamping accessory for a multifunction table
  • These woodworking clamping tools hold workpieces without any surface obstruction
  • Useful for sanding, routing, carving etc
  • Woodworking clamp set includes 3 stainless steel 12mm Guide Pups
  • Phenolic resin surface cam clamp
  • Wedges, backstop and spacer made of HDF Valchromat

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Surprisingly strong and handy

    Posted by Michael Fuchs on 17th Jan 2022

    Having an array of blocks, wedges and dog hole clamping gadgets I felt a bit silly buying this set, but the video demo was compelling enough to make me curious. Sure enough this set is very useful. The parts are quite strong and well proportioned. I'm confident they will not crush, while also offering no risk to edged weapons. Pleasantly, I found the cam and blocks combination very quick to set and adjust, quicker in most situations than my other clamping tools. A worthwhile investment.

  • 3
    UJK cam & wedge set

    Posted by Kevin Stenger on 3rd Feb 2021

    Nicely made with quality materials. I picked a random scrap of plywood out of my bin and tried it out on my new mft top and to my surprise no combination of these parts would give me a good clamping situation. I found that the hole in the cam is not off center by much so it only moves about 1/8” closer to the workpiece when you turn it. The wedges need to be longer on the narrow end, on the piece I tried the wedges only overlapped about an inch before getting tight to the cam and workpiece so it didn’t make for a very secure situation.

  • 5
    Cam and wedge set

    Posted by Joe on 25th Aug 2020

    Worked just like on the video. Perfect on my MFT style assembly table.

  • 5
    Ujk clamp wedge set

    Posted by William on 21st Feb 2020

    This provided me with different options in locking my work piece. Very happy with my buy.

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