BORA Centipede Double P-Top (2-Pack)

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  • Centipede 2 Pc Double P-top
  • Centipede 2 Pc Double P-top Installed


Add more accessories to your Centipede workstand

Busy or crowded worksite? You need the Centipede Double P-Tops to use all your organizational Centipede accessories at once.

Improve job site organization with the Centipede Double P-Tops, perfectly designed to hold twice the accessories right at your fingertips. As one of the most critical parts of the Centipede workstand, they won't mark the surface of your project or let saw blades cause potential damage to struts.

Designed to fit on the BORA Centipede 2ft x 4ft x 30in Unit and BORA Centipede 4ft x 8ft x 30in Unit.

Key Features

  • Additional mounting hole allows for more accessories to be attached to the unit, keeping your workspace organized
  • Combine multiple Centipede accessories in one Double P-Top, such as an X-Cup and a Quick Clamp
  • P-Top attaches to the unit in the same way as the standard unit, with no additional tools or fasteners needed
  • Swivel capability allows you to position the Double P-Top exactly where you need it
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