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UJK Assembly Squares with Clamping Holes - Pair

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  • UJK Assembly Squares with Clamping Holes - Pair
  • Assemble perfect 90-degree joints.
  • Square a bandsaw blade.
  • Square  bandsaw fences.
  • Square fences.
  • Square your table saw blade.


Ideal for Assembling Drawer Boxes

A tool that can do more than one job is always a sound investment. Supplied as a pair, these assembly squares are precisely machined from solid anodized aluminum and have 115mm (4.52") long legs.

Use them as assembly squares in conjunction with a couple of clamps. These squares are a very effective aid when joining the corners of a drawer or box. You can use them on both internal and external angles. They ensure the joint is at exactly 90° whilst assembling, gluing, and fastening. The notch in the corner (similar to those found on engineering squares) ensures the arms are in complete contact. The arms have holes for UJK Universal Fence Clamps for a less obtrusive clamping method.

Use the squares for checking the blade and table of saws, bandsaws or fences are at 90°. One arm is graduated, with Metric on one side and Imperial on the other. The zero mark is at the corner, allowing use of the square as a height gauge.

Key Features

  • Precisely machined solid anodized aluminum
  • Hold parts at exact right angles for assembly and fixing
  • Allows checking and setting of 90° for blades and fences
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