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TPG Parallel Guide System

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  • TPG Parallel Guide System shown with 30" T-tracks, and two TPG Adapters for rock-solid guide rail connections.
  • Everything included with the TPG-20 set is shown here. Guide rail attachment methods (GRS-16, GRS-16 PE, or TPG Adapters) sold separately.
  • Everything included with the TPG-30 set is shown here. Guide rail attachment methods (GRS-16, GRS-16 PE, or TPG Adapters) sold separately.
  • Everything included with the TPG-30-50 set is shown here. Guide rail attachment methods (GRS-16, GRS-16 PE, or TPG Adapters) sold separately.
  • TPG-20 Set shown with two TPG Adapters (sold separately). A great, compact parallel guide kit for cuts up to 20" in width.
  • TPG-50 parallel guides have the capacity to rip a full 4x8-foot sheetgood. Shown here with a GRS-16 PE and TPG Adapter.
  • TPG Parallel Guide System
  • TPG Parallel Guide System
  • TPG Parallel Guide System
  • TPG Parallel Guide System
  • TPG Parallel Guide System
  • Each TPG Set is packaged with care, as shown here.
  • Our TPG-20 Set is compact enough to fit in a single Systainer.
$229.95 - $369.95


To Complete Your Order: Select your TPG Set above (TPG-20, TPG-30 or TPG-30-50), then be sure to add your Attachment Methods (either TPG Adapters or GRS-16) separately. See "Two Steps to Selecting Your TPG Kit" section below for more details.
Watch this video to see how fast the TPG parallel guides can be calibrated.
Watch this introduction of the TPG-20 Set, our most compact and portable parallel guide system.
Took a closer look at the TPG FlipStop v2.0
Watch this video to see the features and refinements of the TPG FlipStop v2.0.

The patented TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) System offers the most capability of any parallel guide system on the market, while eliminating user-reported limitations of competing products. This system is compatible with Festool, Kreg, Makita, and Powertec brand guide rails. Like all parallel guides, the TPG System provides for repeatable rips—but it has a few distinctive qualities you’ll only find from a TSO Product:

  • Simple one-piece T-tracks with rock-solid bolt-on attachment to your guide rail.
  • The industry's best FlipStop, featuring a parallax-free cursor and internal spring loading so it only moves when you want it to.
  • Metric and Imperial dual dimensions are laser engraved on every T-track.
  • Exclusive Calibration Memory™ collar removes the need to re-calibrate FlipStops when changing between standard and narrow stock rods.
  • Capacity to rip full 4x8 sheetgoods all the way down to very narrow cuts, with material as thin a 1/4" (6mm).
  • The TPG System has the patented ability to square and parallel in a single cut, using just one T-track!

Each TPG Kit Now Includes…

All TPG Sets include common components; the only difference is the quantity and length of T-track extrusions provided:

  TPG-20 Set TPG-30 Set TPG-30/50 Set
Ripping Capacity 20" (508mm) 30" (762mm) 50" (1,270mm)
T-Tracks Included 2x 20" (508mm) T-tracks 2x 30" (762mm) T-tracks 2x 50" (1,270mm) T-Tracks
2x 30" (762mm) T-tracks
Other Components
(Included in Every Set)
2x TPG FlipStop v2.0
2x Calibration Rods (for narrow cutting)
4x Comfort Grip Star Knobs
1x 3mm Hex Driver (for all adjustments)

Additional TPG accessories can be purchased separately, including standalone 20" and 50" T-tracks, additional FlipStops, a custom foam Systainer insert for our TPG-20 Set, T-track connectors for ultra-wide rips, and more. See the Accessories section at the bottom of this page for more information.

Two Steps to Selecting Your TPG Kit

  1. Select track length. The T-tracks are named for their maximum cut capability (e.g. 30" tracks enable a full 30" width of cut).
  2. Select attachment method. For each TPG T-track, you need either a TPG Adapter (available in Slide-On or Drop-On styles) or a GRS-16 Guide Rail Square. If you own a GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square with accessory mounting holes, it can be used to connect a TPG T-track to your guide rail.
    • If you don't own a GRS-16 Guide Rail Square, add two (2) TPG Adapters (available in Slide-On or Drop-On styles).
    • If you own one (1) GRS-16 Guide Rail Square, add one (1) TPG Adapter (available in Slide-On or Drop-On styles).
    • If you own two (2) GRS-16 Guide Rail Squares (one of which must be a GRS-16 PE), you do not need to purchase any TPG Adapters.

A Closer Look at TPG FlipStop v2.0: Another TSO Gamechanger

Material stops are often an afterthought—but why? They’re the part of the system you interact with the most, and critical at setting and maintaining accurate cuts. See what sets the TPG FlipStop v2.0 apart in the video below:

Since we made the animation above, we've updated the TPG FlipStop v2.0 with an even larger calibration rod and socket-head cap screw to hold it in place. Refer to the product image on the FlipStop v2.0 product page for the most accurate, current depiction.

Optional Accessories

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Warranty & Returns

TSO brand products are guaranteed for five years from date of sale against defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear and accidental damage are not covered. For any product determined to have a defect covered by this warranty, TSO Products will repair or, at its option, replace with current comparable product. Warranty requests require an RMA (return authorization number) prior to any return. Request an RMA number by contacting TSO Customer Service (
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68 Reviews

  • 5
    The parallel system is great

    Posted by Johntools on 31st Jul 2023

    This system is great for making books case's cut time in half

  • 5

    Posted by Engelhart Keith on 7th Apr 2023

    Excellent quality and precision engineering.

  • 5
    My 1st full day using was life changing

    Posted by Doug michael on 2nd Apr 2023

    Today was the 1st day where I had to break down 4 sheets of plywood for a dresser project so I decided to break out the parallel guides. I have had projects in the past were these were available but I didn’t use because I thought the time spent to setup would not be worth the effort but my attitude has changed and so has my thoughts on this system. Once I calibrated the system it took my wasted time for cut changes to almost nothing. I am a believer, don’t be scared because it works like it says it does.

  • 5
    TPG parallel guide system

    Posted by Jack G Woods on 31st Mar 2023

    The TPG guide system is easy to calibrate and very accurate. Easy to use. I'm extremely pleased with the system.

  • 3
    Good, but for the money, I am disappointed

    Posted by Nick on 23rd Mar 2023

    To start with, let me say that the build quality is excellent. These appear to be very well-made and a lot of small things thought out. However, they are one of (if not the most) expensive parallel guides on the market, so I think it's important to factor that in. First, the price doesn't even include guide rail connectors, which are required to actually use the guides with a guide rail. I understand that there are different options, but you should just be able to pick which ones you want and have that be included in the price. Instead, I had to spend an extra $100 on those. Second, the suggestion calibration procedure is not very accurate. They suggest placing a square OVER the rail, but in my experience, having it go UNDER the rail produces much better results. I think I calibrated these 5 times before I was finally satisfied. Third, the flip stops are just not the best. I wrote up a review of those on their page, but basically the anti-parallax indicator is truly frustrating and unintuitive to use. Why they didn't just use, say, a red line on a clear plastic pane like everyone else is a mystery to me. This offers no clear improvements over that and is much harder to use, which makes it that much harder to get both guides set the same (and therefore actually parallel). They also have a tendency to shift slightly as I tighten them down. Finally, the narrow rip option is... fine, I guess. But other parallel guides provide a way to prop the rail up without the need of extra pieces of wood and again, this setup is at least double the price of those systems. Ultimately, these are not BAD parallel guides. But they are absurdly expensive, include fewer parts than cheaper options, and are harder and more fiddly to use than those other, cheaper options. All for no real additional benefit. If they fix the indicator on the flip stops, improve the narrow rip support, and cut the price in half, then these will be an easy recommendation. Until then... they are probably not worth it compared to other options.

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