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  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Hero 1
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Hero 2
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Router Table
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Finding Center of Round Stock
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Band Saw
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Half Lap Joint
  • MICROJIG FITFINDER 1/2 Guage Hero 3


Instantly locate the center of stock

  • Find joint centers instantly
  • Accurately set fences quickly
  • Transfers cutting depths
  • Fast setup with no math, measuring, or test cuts

Perfectly Joints, Zero Guesswork

Perfect for creating Overlap, Half Lap as well as Rail and Stile Joints.

Set Fences for Resawing

Set fence position and resaw material on the bandsaw with zero guesswork.

Center Stock on the Lathe

Find the center of stock and mount material on the lathe for safer spindle turning.

Set Precise Cutting Depths

Lock in the measurement and transfer to the router or table saw to set the cutting depth for flawless lap joints.

Center Router Bits

Quickly and accurately find the halfway point of the material.

Fast & Easy Setup in Just Three Steps

  1. Set full thickness. Place material and set the full stock thickness.
  2. Automatically find the center point. Automatically adjusts to 1/2 the thickness of the material.
  3. Lock in and transfer measurement. Use knobs on the back to lock in measurements to transfer cutting depths and set fences.
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