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UJK 20mm Cutter & Split Stop Collar for Parf Guide System

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Extra 20mm Cutter for the Parf Guide System

This cutter bores an exact 20mm hole as required by the Parf Guide System. The distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole. This 20mm cutter and split stop collar will help you produce dozens of Parf Guide bench tops.

This cutter features tungsten carbide tips for long tool life. The cutting head has a sharp pointed 3mm guide pin to locate in the pilot hole. This leading spike helps to keep it running true through the pilot holes. Twin spurs cut clean entry and exit holes. The main cutting edges remove the waste and their angle produces a shear cutting action at the sides. This action ensures the sides of the hole are a clean and snug fit for the Parf Dogs or other 20mm bench dogs.

Precision grinding of the round part of the shank guarantees an exact fit in the guide bush of the Parf Guide Block. The top of the shank is 1/4" hex universal fitting suitable for all 1/4" hex quick change systems including the Festool Centrotec. This feature greatly simplifies the process of moving the Parf Guide Block from one hole to the next. Importantly, it prevents the shank becoming burred by a drill chuck. Any such burrs could cause a problem when inserting the shank into the guide bush.

  • Replacement 20mm cutter for the Parf Guide System
  • Distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole
  • Tungsten carbide tips for a long lasting working life
  • Integral 3mm guide pin to locate in the pilot hole
  • Twin spurs for clean entry and exit holes
  • Precision ground shank with 1/4" hex universal fitting
  • Suitable for all 1/4" hex quick-change systems including Festool Centrotec
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9 Reviews

  • 5
    UJK Cutter and Parf Guide System

    Posted by John on 3rd Apr 2024

    The Parf Guide System is a phenomenal tool. The cutter that came with it had a small chip. When I notified TSO, they immediately sent me a new one - no questions asked. The cutter from UJK comes wrapped in wax and is well protected. Something must have happened in manufacturing.

  • 5
    20mm forstner bit with adjustable stop

    Posted by Szoots on 5th Feb 2024

    I chose not to use the Parf system because it’s too expensive for what may be two or three times of use. But I wanted this bit because it has a longer pilot point. It will make it easier to get right on point (pun intended). It’s worth the money to get it as precise as I can on putting dog holes and I can use on other projects.

  • 4
    UJK 20MM Cutter

    Posted by 2120 Woodcraft on 15th Sep 2021

    Build quality seems fantastic, however, I haven't received the rest of the Parf kit yet, so I'll update when the rest arrives.

  • 4
    20mm cutter

    Posted by Zaldy on 3rd Apr 2021

    I re-order this thinking the locking collar is not a hex Allen screw, for my 1st got stripped and unable to use. Still a great product.

  • 5
    UJK 20mm Cutter & Split Stop Collar for Parf Guide System

    Posted by Mike Gerardi on 22nd Mar 2021

    Great cutter. I have others (Fisch and Amana) but they do not have stop collars. I usually use a piece of painter tape for depth indication but the collar is a plus. The cutter gives a crisp clean hole. I chamfer all my holes with the UJK Parf Chamfer which creates a wonderful finish to the dog holes.

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