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UJK Cam Lock Hold Down - Pair

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  • UJK T-Track Cam Lock Hold Down Clamp 106122
  • UJK Cam Lock Hold Down Clamp 106122 - Pair
  • UJK Cam Lock Hold Down Clamp 106122 - Single
  • UJK Cam Lock Hold Down Clamp 106123
$31.95 - $32.95


Build Custom Jigs, Workbenches & More

The UJK Cam Lock Hold-Down Clamp offers ultra-fast locking and quick release for all manner of fixtures and fences. They are easy to use, self-locking, and exert plenty of force.

Pro Tip: Replace the M8 Star Knob from a UJK Hold Down Clamp with this cam lock for an extra-strong, quick release hold-down method.

Key Features

  • Fast & Efficient: The UJK Cam Lock Hold-Down Clamp provides ultra-fast locking and quick release, ensuring rapid adjustments during projects.
  • Multifunctional: With the option to substitute the T-bolts for regular M6/M8 bolts, woodworkers can use the Cam Lock in a variety of applications and positions.
  • Durable & Strong: The anodized aluminum levers, coupled with the high clamping force, ensure that fixtures are held securely in place, making them an excellent accessory for jig-making.


  1. Screw the lever down until it is touching the top of the workpiece/fixture/fence, etc.
  2. Push the end of the lever down to apply considerable clamping force.
  3. To release the fixture, simply lift the lever.

What's Included in the Box

  • 2 qty. Threaded Cross Dowels
  • 2 qty. Nylon Washers
  • 2 qty. Steel Washers
  • 2 qty. 75 mm T-bolts (M6 or M8)
  • 2 qty. Stepped Track Adapters
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