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UJK ProGrip Stop Block

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  • UJK ProGrip Stop Block
  • UJK ProGrip Stop Block on ProGrip Clamp


A Stop for UJK ProGrip Clamps

The UJK ProGrip Stop’s main use is to limit the travel of your router and ensure precise repeat cuts when cutting stopped grooves, panel mouldings, and other repeatable cuts.

This stop is CNC-machined from a solid block of engineered nylon. It measures 125mm x 50mm x 20mm. The stop runs in the T-slot of your ProGrip Clamp and locks with a simple threaded knob anywhere along its length.

Key Features

  • Easily fixed to the UJK Progrip clamp’s T-slot
  • Limits travel of the tool, for stopped cuts
  • Guarantees precise repeatable cuts
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