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UJK Back to Back Adapters for ProGrip Clamps

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  • UJK ProGrip Back to Back Adapters
  • UJK ProGrip Back to Back Adapters  with Wide Jaw Block
  • UJK ProGrip Back to Back Adapters with Router


Connect Two UJK ProGrip Clamps Back to Back

These adaptors join two UJK ProGrip Clamps side by side. The adaptors lock into the clamp's T-slot anywhere along its length, allowing you to join clamps of different lengths.

One clamp firmly grips the top of your bench, in the normal position. The second clamp is in an inverted position, allowing you to grip workpieces above your bench in the jaws of the second clamp. One big advantage is that the underside of your workpiece has a wider area of support.

Supplied in a pack of eight, this kit is sufficient for joining two ProGrip Clamps back-to-back.

Key Features

  • Join two UJK ProGrip Clamps back to back
  • Lower clamp grips bench, upper clamp holds the work
  • Turns two ProGrip Clamps into an effective bench top holding device
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