Achieving Perfectly Straight Dados and Rabbets With a Router

Achieving Perfectly Straight Dados and Rabbets With a Router

Achieving dead-straight dados and rabbets isn’t something you can free-hand. With the right tools and techniques, your woodworking projects can become nothing short of straight-line perfection. Explore three ways to achieve perfectly straight dados and rabbets with a router.

Utilize Rigid Aluminum Guides and a Grooving Accessory

Consider using rigid aluminum guides, like the UJK ProGrip Clamp, in combination with a grooving accessory, such as the UJK Universal Grooving Jig. These accessories provide a stable and straight edge for your router to follow.

Secure the guide with its integrated clamp to prevent unwanted movement during routing. The grooving accessory adds smooth movement and a micro-adjust feature to dial in the precise offset between your router and guide.

Attach the Router to a Guide Rail With Specialized Adapters

If you own a Festool guide rail and LR 32 Set, you can attach your router to a guide rail using specialized adapters, like TSO’s DeWalt Compact Router Adapter. This adapter allows you to use a DeWalt trim router in conjunction with the Festool LR 32 Hole Drilling Set, which is known for its accuracy.

With this setup, you can route straight grooves and bore holes on 32mm centers, essential for European cabinet construction.

Employ Jointing Jigs for Precision Grooves/Trenches

A jointing jig like the UJK Universal Dovetail Jig is valuable for achieving perfectly straight dados and rabbets. While this jig is known for its dovetail-cutting capabilities, it also provides templates that enable precise grooves and trenches.

By following the templates with your router, you can create dead-straight dados and rabbets with ease. This method is particularly useful when working on projects that require precision and repeatability, such as grooves for drawer bottoms.

Technique Is Key

Your technique also plays a crucial role in getting straight dados and rabbets. Ensure your router bit is sharp, clean, and secure before use. Start your cut with a plunge router by gently lowering the bit into the material, then proceed along the guide or template with steady and even pressure.

Additionally, securely clamp your workpiece to prevent movement during routing. Whether you’re crafting cabinets, furniture, or intricate joinery, these methods will help you achieve perfectly straight lines that meet your high standards.

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5th Jun 2024 Eric

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