5 Precision Woodworking Tools To Equip Your Shop With

5 Precision Woodworking Tools To Equip Your Shop With

Along with the right technique, every woodworker can benefit from the right precision tools. Below, we highlight five precision tools modern woodworkers use to get great results.

The Precision Table-Maker: Parf Guide System

Fixture tables like the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table are very popular but come at a substantial cost. That said, it’s never been easier (or cheaper) to create a fixture table based on the popular 20x96mm hole standard popularized by the MFT/3. The best way to make a table without using an expensive CNC router is the Parf Guide System. A great solution for woodworkers looking to DIY a 20mm work surface of any size, the Parf Guide System uses two precision “Parf Sticks” and geometry (the Pythagorean theorem) to create 20x96mm patterned holes with incredible precision.

Bench Dogs

Once you equip your work surface with 20x96mm holes, you can access a world of useful accessories. Choose from a huge array of 20mm bench dogs to position, clamp, or support your work. Specialized guide rail dogs can also act as a platform for your track saw, transforming your table into a flexible cutting station. Adjustable material stops make it easy to achieve repeatable cuts. The precision and versatility of the 20x96mm work surface are just two reasons for its current widespread popularity.

Guide Rail Square

Break down sheet goods faster with one of the most popular track saw accessories, the guide rail square. The guide rail square ensures every cut is a perfect 90° to the front or back of your workpiece. Attaching to your guide rail via a high-strength draw latch, this square slides onto your guide rail, transforming it into a large format square—making it possible to cut down sheet goods in record time, with perfectly square results.

Precision Triangle

Let’s face it: it’s hard to envision oneself doing much woodworking without a dependable triangle. There’s no faster way to establish a square and straight workpiece. The precision triangle measures and marks angles, making it essential for creating mitered joints or more complex projects.

The precision triangle also checks the angle of saw blades and fences, making it an indispensable tool for machine setup and calibration. When it comes to triangles, quality counts. Consider tools with a specified accuracy claim and quality materials, such as anodized aluminum.

Parallel Guide System

A parallel guide system consists of guides you place on the track saw’s guide rail. Each guide includes a rule and a material stop that references off the edge of your workpiece parallel to the guide rail cutting edge. With both parallel guides calibrated, you can guarantee each rip is the same width and perfectly parallel, time after time. This system is a great way to batch out identical panels, such as casework for a kitchen cabinet remodel.

The tools listed in this article are a staple in many woodshops. They make woodworking more enjoyable. Equipping your workshop with these five precision tools allows you to take on various woodworking projects and achieve professional-quality results. When it comes to your precision woodworking tool needs, consider TSO Products. We carry a wide range of measuring and marking equipment.

28th Mar 2023 Eric

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