Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton

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  • Stanton Bench Plans Mark III Stanton Bench Plans Mark III

    Dave Stanton

    Stanton Bench Plans Mark III

    UPDATED FOR 2022: Dave has updated and improved the design, added more content and now you can purchase the updated, feature-packed plans right here! Stanton Bench Plans Mark IIIBuild Your Own...
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Dave Stanton Bench

Dave Stanton is a retired award-winning Australian builder. The obsessive detail Dave put into his home designs has now carried over into the design of his compact and furniture-friendly benches. They are based around the 32mm standard common in Europe.

Dave’s ingenious designs are simple to craft. Plans such as the Dave Stanton bench are versatile and easy to store out of the way. This is ideal if your woodworking shop is in a multi-use area of the home, or any shop where space is at a premium. Set this bench on top of a workspace, such as a table, when you need to use it. Assembling your Stanton bench is simple, thanks to his in-depth video tutorials.