TSO Precision Triangles

The Woodworking Triangle: Reinvented.

TSO Products Precision Triangles
Precision triangles designed to unlock the potential of your 20mm patterned worktop

Presenting the TSO Products MTR-18 and PTR-18 precision triangles Much more than just triangles, the TSO Products PTR-18 and MTR-18 are first-of-their-kind tools combining the accuracy of a CNC machined precision triangle with included accessories to enable countless clamping, angle measurement and jig scenarios. Designed to take advantage of today's modern 20mm hole patterned worktops, these triangle measuring tools are machined on high-precision CNC machining centers and made from thick precison aluminum tooling plate guaranteed to be square to within .001" over their 18" length as verified using automated CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines).