Paulk Smart Router Table & Router Fence

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A Simple but Powerful Addition to Your Paulk Workbench

Watch as Ron describes his thought process for designing his Smart Router Table. Watch the video above for a walkthrough to build your own router table, or better yet, visit his YouTube channel.

In partnership with Ron Paulk, TSO is excited to offer plans for building your very own Paulk Smart Router Table & Router Fence. As seen on Ron Paulk's YouTube channel, Ron's router table solution is designed to be quick to make, fast to deploy, and just as fast to tuck away when you need to reclaim the shop space. The Paulk Smart Router Table & Router Fence plans are designed to work with the Paulk Smart Station and the Paulk Compact Bench (note the plans for these builds are not included, but can be purchased separately at the links above). This design was created in Metric and then converted to Imperial; Ron suggests the most accurate and easy option would be to stick to metric for this build, even if you work in an Imperial shop like he does.

We're pleased to be able to offer Ron's popular plans to the TSO community. For more Ron Paulk plans, visit our Plans & Drawings section. Please provide feedback to Ron through his YouTube channel and let us know what you create!

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