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GRS-16 PE K Guide Rail Square for Kreg

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  • Featuring a custom high strength, stainless steel draw latch for maximum clamping power.
  • The bestselling guide rail square has now been adapted to fit the Kreg Adaptive Cutting System!
  • Use the GRS-16 PEK to square off either the front or back of your workpiece.
  • Featuring a custom high strength, stainless steel draw latch for maximum clamping power.
  • Presenting the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to square cuts with your Kreg Adaptive Cutting System track saw system.
  • Your guide rail is completely supported by the full-height, precision machined mating edge of the GRS-16 PEK.
  • Simply slide the GRS-16 PEK through the underside T-track on your guide rail, secure the clamping latch, and you're ready to cut perfect 90 degree angles!
  • Like all GRS-16 guide rail squares, the GRS-16 PEK is compatible with the TSO Parallel Guide System (sold separately).
  • Like all GRS-16 guide rail squares, the GRS-16 PEK is compatible with the TSO Parallel Guide System (sold separately).
  • Like all GRS-16 guide rail squares, the GRS-16 PEK is compatible with the TSO Parallel Guide System (sold separately).
  • Two guide rail squares fit neatly into a Systainer with our custom dual-level foam insert (sold separately).


The Original Guide Rail Square, Now Compatible with Kreg's Adaptive Cutting System (ACS)

The proven design of the GRS-16 Family has now been adapted to fit Kreg's track saw cutting system! Like the original GRS-16 and GRS-16 PE squares, the GRS-16 PE K makes it faster to achieve dead square cuts with your Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw. With two reference parallel edges, the GRS-16 PE K permits squaring against the front or back of your workpiece.

Connect your GRS-16 PE K to the TSO Parallel Guide System
Part of TSO's system approach to woodworking, the GRS-16 PE K is compatible with the TPG Parallel Guide System.

The GRS-16 PE K is much more than a guide rail square; in fact, it's the foundation of a broader system of TSO Products designed for interoperability. Case in point: the TSO Parallel Guide System connects to the GRS-16 PE K via its included M6 accessory mounting holes. Once attached, you can repeatedly square and parallel rip with your Kreg track saw square in a single operation.

GRS-16 PE K Highlights

Thanks to feedback from the TSO user community, the GRS-16 PE K incorporates all of our latest design innovations:

  • Ultra-light and balanced design machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, with a mating vertical edge that perfectly matches the height of your Kreg guide rail extrusion for maximum support and engagement
  • Two squares can now fit in a single Systainer—see our Dual FoamPac Systainer Insert and limited edition TSO Blue Systainer3 M 112
  • Custom high-strength stainless steel latch with resilient coating to grasp and protect the edge of your guide rail
  • Filleted T-feature lead-in makes it even easier to install onto your guide rail—"five seconds to square!"
  • Accessory mounting holes tapped for M6 threads—enables connection to the TSO Parallel Guide System and Angle Accessory
  • Sustainable, fully recyclable all-corrugated white packaging

See How It Works

The design of the GRS-16 PE K is based on our popular GRS-16 PE square, and shares the same features and benefits. See the GRS-16 PE K put to use in the video below.

Simple, Automatic Accuracy

Before the GRS-16 family, accessories for squaring up your track saw guide rail relied on the loose-tolerance T-slot found on just about every guide rail. To overcome this inherent inaccuracy, you had to rely on a separate reference square, plus a combination of loose parts like T-bars, hex bolts, knobs or wingnuts. No longer! The patented GRS-16 PE K is completely self-contained and self-aligning, thanks to an innovative, high strength integral draw latch mechanism. Simply slide the GRS-16 PE K onto your guide rail, lock the draw latch, and you're done. Five seconds to square.

Accurate cuts with your track saw often require using a screw clamp or quick clamp, sliding into a guide rail T-track. For this reason, we've designed notches in both reference edges of the GRS-16 PE K to accommodate popular screw clamps and rapid clamps.

Built for a Lifetime of Service (or Longer)

The GRS-16 PE K is precision CNC machined from a single piece of 5/8" (15 mm) thick 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized for a non-marring, high durability finish. The high-strength draw latch is built from stainless steel to resist rust and pitting over time. Despite its high clamping strength, a comfort coating on the latch handle makes it easy to generate the leverage necessary to engage, release or reposition the square along your length of track. The GRS-16 PE K is made in the United States, and comes with our five-year warranty.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.0 x 1.4 inches (386 x 152 x 36 mm)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs (862 g)
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized, 5/8 in (15 mm) thick
  • Compatible Guide Rails: Kreg Adaptive Cutting System guide rails (ACS430); not compatible with the Kreg Accu-Cut™ system
  • Clamping Mechanism: Over center draw latch (304 stainless steel) with compensating spring; secured with M4x0.7-10 stainless steel socket head screws
  • Accessory Mounting Holes: Tapped for M6 threads for compatibility with TSO Parallel Guide System and Angle Accessory
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Warranty & Returns

TSO brand products are guaranteed for five years from date of sale against defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear and accidental damage are not covered. For any product determined to have a defect covered by this warranty, TSO Products will repair or, at its option, replace with current comparable product. Warranty requests require an RMA (return authorization number) prior to any return. Request an RMA number by contacting TSO Customer Service (
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11 Reviews

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    Guide Rail Square for Kreg Track Saw Track

    Posted by Tony Cantor on 26th Dec 2022

    I really like this guide rail square. It attaches tightly to my track and is square. It makes it easier and quicker to make cuts on plywood and square up the ends of plywood without having to mark the plywood with a square and draw lines. The guide rail square also provides a hand hold to make sure the track doesn't shift while making a cut. The TSO product is also of very good quality.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark Devlin on 19th Dec 2022

    I absolutely love this Rail Square. I bought another Kreg Track and cut it in half (31” because Kreg currently only makes a 62”) so I can keep this Rail Square attached all the time to use as my go to for most cuts. I’m going to purchase another after the first of the year for Sheet Goods break down. I also plan on purchasing Guide Rails for quicker accurate repeat cuts!

  • 5

    Posted by Steff on 9th Sep 2022

    I was pretty frustrated with the Kreg ACS system because it is very difficult to square the track with the dog holes in the table. Once you have a cut long enough, the imperfections in the parallel guide/tape embedded in the table would result in cuts that are way off from square. This rail square solves it! I can make square cuts super fast and can be way less fussy with the ACS guides. If you have the Kreg track saw with or without the ACS table, you can do no better than buying this accessory.

  • 5
    GRS-16 PE K Guide Rail Square for Kreg Track Saw

    Posted by Mike on 11th Jul 2022

    Excellent quality, shipped fast. Breaking down 4 x 8 sheets of plywood has never been easier.

  • 5
    Superior quality for the Kreg system

    Posted by Bryan on 15th Apr 2022

    I've been waiting for the GRS-16 to come to Kreg for quite awhile - super happy with the results I've been able to achieve from it!

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