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Power-Loc Toggle Clamp

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  • Power-Loc Toggle Clamps quickly secure in 20mm dog holes and apply downward clamping force on your workpiece.
  • Power-Loc Toggle Clamps are available in two configurations: horizontal (applies downward clamping force) and inline (providing sidways clamping force).
  • Utilizing a special version of our Power-Loc bench dog, these toggle clamps secure from the top of your worktop without need for a clamping knob or other fixing method from the underside.
  • Quickly secure the Power-Loc Toggle Clamp to your work table with a 5mm hex key/driver - seen in the picture here, while the clamp is in its upright position.
  • Horizontal toggle clamps apply downward pressure to your workpiece, perfect for cutting, routing or other traditional clamping applications.
  • Inline toggle clamps apply sideways pressure to your workpiece - perfect for glue-up, assembly and casework.


Power-Loc Toggle Clamps are sold individually, and secure to your work surface with a 5mm hex key or driver. We offer a quality 5mm hex driver, sold separately.

Horizontal or Inline Clamps that Ingeniously Clamp from Above Your Worktable

Extend and connect multiple 20mm worktops with bench connecting dogs
Watch this video to see how the Power-Loc Toggle Clamp in action!

Toggle clamps are a ubiquitous staple of many woodworker's jigs, fixtures and assembly tables—and yet they're often screw mounted permanently in place, dedicated to a single task, and often eat up valuable space on your workbench. With the Power-Loc Toggle Clamp, we set out to create a better clamp; one that could be rapidly inserted into any 20mm dog hole and secured in seconds (entirely from the top of the table), and just as quickly removed. With just a few well-located 20mm dog holes, you can now replace a drawer full of toggle clamps with one Power-Loc.

Integrating a special version of our Power-Loc Bench Dog, these toggle clamps secure entirely from the top of your workbench, thanks to an innovative swiveling locking lug feature. This eliminates the need to use a clamping knob or other fastening method from underneath your table. Simply insert this heavy-duty toggle clamp into any 20mm hole and, while in its upright position, use a 5mm hex driver or key to securely fix it to your table. Quick, convenient and strong. This locking toggle clamp is intended to be used on the Festool MFT/3 table or work surface with a 20mm hole pattern, and is compatible with table thicknesses ranging from 16mm (5/8") to 22mm (7/8").

Available in Two Configurations

Power-Loc Toggle Clamps are available in two clamping configurations:

  • Horizontal: Applies downward clamping force to your workpiece. Great for securing your workpiece for cutting, routing, drilling or other woodworking tasks.
  • Inline: Applies sideward clamping force to your workpiece. Perfect for securing a board upright, along its edge. Can also be used in combination with work stops like our 20mm DoubleGroove Dogs to secure workpieces for sanding or finishing.

Proven, Auto-Adjust Clamping Platform

Designed around Bessey's popular and proven toggle clamp platform, Power-Loc Toggle Clamps auto-adjust to variation in workpiece height or thickness to dramatically reduce set up time. For even more adjustability, the clamps have arms that can be extended or retracted by loosening a hex nut. Clamping force is adjustable by simply turning the knurled adjustment screw. Once pressure is set, these clamps apply the same force to any part being held, regardless of size.

See the Power-Loc Toggle Clamp in Action!

How to Use

  1. The Power-Loc dog requires a chamfered 20mm dog hole; we recommend using a trim router with a quality 45˚ chamfer bit, allowing you to perfectly adjust the depth of the chamfer to match the chamfered lip of the Power-Loc dog.
  2. Before inserting clamp into your table top, ensure the Power-Loc locking lug is fully retracted into the body (if looking at the clamp upside-down, rotate the locking lug fully clockwise).
  3. Fully insert the clamp assembly into the 20mm dog hole.
  4. Raise the handle to approximately 45˚ to your work surface, which will expose the Power-Loc hex nut for tightening.
  5. Use a 5mm hex driver or key and turn the Power-Loc hex nut clockwise until the locking lug is fully drawn upward and clamps the underside of your table. Do not use an impact driver as this could risk damaging the Power-Loc lug or threads. Finger tight is all that is needed for an extremely secure attachment to your table.
  6. Leaving the hex nut snug, but not over-tightened, allows you to still rotate the clamp 360 degrees about the mounting hole, yet still provides strong hold-down force when clamped down.
  7. To remove, raise the clamp handle to approximately 45˚ and use the same 5mm hex driver or key and turn the Power-Loc hex nut counter-clockwise, which releases the Power-Loc lug and causes it to retract into the body. Pull upward on the clamp to remove.


  • Table Thickness Range: 16mm (5/8") to 22mm (7/8")
  • Auto-Adjustment Range (Horizontal Clamp): 20 to 60mm (0 to 2-3/8") in workpiece height
  • Auto-Adjustment Range (Inline Clamp): 0 to 16mm (0 to 5/8") in workpiece width
  • Pressure Adjustment: Requires 1/4" or 6mm hex driver/key (not included)
  • Attachment to Table: Requires 5mm hex driver/key (sold separately)
  • Sold individually
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6 Reviews

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    Power-Loc Toggle Clamps

    Posted by John Reichert on 2nd Jul 2023

    I have been very pleased with the pair of Powe-Loc Toggle clamps I purchased. Originally, I used these to clamp boards of approximately 18 mm or 3/4" to my Festool MFT and my assembly table which also has the 20 mm holes in a grid pattern. The other day, I realized these clamps would secure a standard 2 x 4 to my MFT table. This was a pleasant surprise which allow me to cut dados consistently into the 2 x 4s. The more I used these in the project, the more proficient I became in their use. A Great and Useful product like the other TSO products I have purchased. Thanks, John

  • 5
    see image to left

    Posted by randy on 21st Jun 2023

    Precision parts work well with my project.

  • 4
    Brilliant clamps (just a tad costly

    Posted by Alex Kara on 13th Oct 2022

    I'm an absolute fan of the TSO Power-Loc dogs (have 24 of them) which I use extensively on my MFT style workbenches, in place of “normal” clamps (you can't have too many "clamps"). I shop-made "one of these" using their Loc-dog with a Bessey screwed to some 19mm timber base. It was great, but bulky. When TSO released this little gem I purchased a pair without hesitation and so far have no regret... well I regret that my old shop-made is now obsolete. Unfortunately one of the clamps I received was faulty. Not the dog assembly but the Bessey clamp mechanism. TSO, to their credit, had a replacement in my workshop within 8 days... and I live in Australia. I deducted 1 star due solely to cost... however, take note that this was exacerbated by currency conversion and international shipment, both of which is outside TSO control… if I was a local, I’d probably buy 2 more.

  • 5
    Great quick clamp for MFT

    Posted by Cody B. on 15th Jun 2022

    This clamp works as advertised, and is well made. My only issue is I thought the price was per pair, but it appears it was only for one. Keep that in mind when ordering.

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Brownell on 30th May 2022

    I am a fan of the Power-Loc system. I owned power-loc dogs manufactured by the original designer, however jumped at the chance to purchase the updated Power-Loc dogs. I was pleased to see TSO combine the Power-Loc with a Bessy clamp and purchased 2 horizontal clamps. My wish list includes a future purchase of the 2 inline clamp version.

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