Curated Books offered by TSO Products
Presenting a small selection of just the "essentials"

Curated books on cabinetmaking

We'll confess: we're no bookstore. But we know what it feels like to search endlessly for answers. The familiar term, a needle in a haystack, comes to mind. With so many cabinet building books to choose from, Googling around won't help you narrow the choices.

So we decided to offer our own small selection of woodworking books for sale, pre-screened by us. For now, we're focusing on cabinetmaking using sheet goods—projects that can be accomplished efficiently with our precision tools such as the GRS-16 guide rail square or MTR-18 precision triangle.

These woodworking books are worth your time and are sure to reward you with more satisfying results in your workshop. Check out the digital previews on each book page for a sampling.